2024 Solar Panel Trends – What’s New for Irish Homes

When it comes to installing solar panels, Ireland is really starting to see the benefits. Due to this, we are forecasting big trends and shifts when it comes to equipping your home with solar energy. If you have been thinking about making the shift, let us give you a nudge in the right direction! 

Whether it’s the cost of solar panels in Ireland, new regulations and solar panel grants in Ireland, or the different kinds of solar panels, there’s so much to catch up on this year. If you’re considering installing solar panels in your home or want to learn about the process and what it can cost, here is what you can expect for the solar panel trends in Ireland, in 2024. 

High Electricity Costs 

In 2024, we can predict that the cost of electricity in Ireland will only continue to remain at a premium. While there have been some reductions in the costs of electricity lately, the average price continues to remain stubbornly high. In fact, Irish energy prices are still among the highest in Europe! Further instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe will continue to cause lots of uncertainty in the energy market. 

This year, we could see electric costs surge to €190 per MWh. This is three times higher than what we were paying in 2021. Whether heating or cooling your home, working from home, or making a microwave dinner, you’re guaranteed to pay more. 

To avoid this, many people in Ireland are turning to solar energy. This year, people will look at differing options to help with the costs of running their homes as inflation remains high. Depending on the size of system and your energy consumption, solar panels might not completely remove the costs of electricity but can significantly reduce your bills. 

Declining Costs of Solar Panels 

With solar panels becoming a more popular choice in Ireland, this proves to be excellent for supply and demand culture. If you have researched how many solar panels it takes to heat your house, or asked, “How many solar panels do I need in Ireland?”, the answer – and the cost – might have deterred you from making the change. However, in 2024, Irish residents can expect to see a reduction in the cost of solar panels. 

The cost of solar panels in the Irish market can greatly differ. This is based on how many panels you need, the pitch of your roof, orientation of your house to the sun, and if you need a battery to store unused power. 

New Irish Solar Panel Regulations & Grants 

2024 Irish solar panel trends will also give way to a rise of grants for homeowners. With a budget of €14 billion in nature and climate change funding, the solar panel industry in Ireland has seen a big slice of the pie. This year, the Irish government has allocated €380 million to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for grants to homeowners and communities in search of energy upgrades. 

Now, community groups, businesses, and homeowners can avail of considerable grants, if they are looking to upgrade to solar energy. This is excellent news for homeowners, who can now avail of grants up to €2,100 to help them offset the costs of installation. 

“Solar panels are also a fantastic way to increase your income,” said Martin Desmond, Wizer’s Managing Director. “From 2022, homeowners and businesses with solar panels installed were able to resell excess electricity back to the National Grid. While they were – and will continue to be – taxed on this, the 2024 budget sees a €400 exemption on this export payment.” 

Different Kinds of Solar Panels 

The solar panel industry in Ireland has only gone from strength to strength since its inception. However, in 2024, we’ll see a rise in different types of solar panels installed in homes across the country. At Wizer, we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to solar panel systems.  

Homes of varied sizes require different wattages, and we keep on top of all the latest solar panel technology. Whether you’re looking to power a small or medium-sized home, we have solutions for you, utilising the latest and best solar panels available to an Irish market. If you’re choosing between the two main types of solar panels – P type and N type – and don’t know which to pick, at Wizer we provide N type only as part of our pledge to install systems with the best equipment choices for every component, not just the panels. 

Component Costs are Uncertain 

We’ve seen a welcome decline in the general cost of solar panels over the years. However, in 2023, we saw an increase in production costs. As businesses and manufacturers around the world faced component shortages, so did the solar panel industry. However, much of these costs were borne by the installation companies themselves. 

This meant that homeowners and businesses who decided to install solar panels during this time did not see a huge increase in costs. As previously mentioned, the Irish government is encouraging clean and renewable energy practices, and the grants are evidence of this. 

Therefore, while component costs may increase again in 2024, our prices will stay competitive, offering affordable transparent solar panel installation to homes and businesses across the country. 

Be Smart, Install with Wizer 

At Wizer, we’re the Irish experts in terms of solar panel installation. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the best solar panel options in Ireland – made perfect by our team for your home. We pride ourselves in offering cost-effective solar panels, installed in your home or office by our team of expert tradesmen. Start 2024 by saving costs on your electricity bill – and by potentially earning some money, by selling the excess back to the National Grid. 

There’s no project too big or too small for the team at Wizer. We understand that the cost of installing solar panels can be daunting for some. It’s also a sizeable investment, which is why we know the ins and outs of applying for grants. With this in mind, we can work together to find a cost-effective, eco-friendly source of energy, powering your home without compromising on your daily comforts. 

Get in touch with Wizer today, for solar panel advice and options in Ireland! 

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Having worked as a high-voltage power technician since 2007, Slaven Litera is Wizer’s Director of Operations. With over 15 years of experience in both commercial and domestic high voltage systems, Slaven made the transition to renewable energy in 2017. During his tenure as the lead engineer at one of Ireland’s biggest solar panel installation companies, Slaven provided end-to-end services. From pre-installation site reviews, to full commissioning and testing of new power systems, Slaven has done it all. In fact, throughout his career, Slaven has overseen and installed over 1000 individual solar PV installations amounting to over 1.2MW of solar generation! Holding electrical qualifications in multiple European countries, he continues to expand his knowledge in renewable energy sources. As Wizer’s Director of Operations, Slaven’s highly driven nature is the force behind creative and “out of the box” solutions at Wizer. Since his experience is so diverse, there’s virtually nothing he hasn’t seen before!

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