5 Reasons to Install an EV Home Charger in Ireland

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With more electric vehicles on the road than ever before, an EV home charger is quickly becoming essential. As of 2022, there are more than 47,000 electric vehicles in Ireland. By 2030, the Irish government aims to have one million electric vehicles in circulation. This may seem ambitious, but it’s worth remembering that the sale of new diesel and petrol cars will be banned by the end of the decade.

If you want to remain roadworthy, you’ll need to join the thousands of others who have already embraced the EV revolution. While public charging points can help keep an electric vehicle going, they’re not the most practical solution. For maximum convenience, installing an EV charger at home is the best option. 

1. EV Chargers Help Protect the Environment

If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, EV chargers are the way to go. Ireland has a long way to go to meet the targets laid out in its latest renewable energy plan. With solar panels Ireland installation and an EV home charger, you can say goodbye to fossil fuels and thermal combustion engines. 

The environmental benefits of driving an electric car are obvious. With no exhaust, an EV produces zero carbon dioxide emissions from driving alone. If you live in an urban centre, you can rest assured you’re doing your bit to improve air quality. If you’re charging your vehicle with renewable electricity, you further reduce the environmental impact of your driving.  

Even if you’re not combining an EV home charger with domestic PV systems, electric vehicles are a greener choice. Charging is fast and efficient, ensuring you don’t have to use more electricity than needed.

2. Save Money on Fuel with an EV Home Charger

Using an EV Home Charger

The cost-of-living crisis continues to put a strain on the finances of people throughout Ireland. Currently, filling up a 55-litre diesel tank costs around €110. Many drivers are now looking to electric vehicles to tackle the rising fuel prices Ireland faces. 

A new hybrid or all-electric vehicle is a significant financial investment. However, SEAI Electric Vehicle Grants can help relieve some of the burdens on drivers. Furthermore, SEAI grants can help cover the cost of EV home charger Ireland installation.  

Once you’ve invested in an electric vehicle and chosen the best EV charger for home use, you’ll enjoy instant savings. Charging an EV battery costs a fraction of the price of filling up a diesel tank. Additionally, electric vehicles deploy innovative features like regenerative braking. This technology redistributes a vehicle’s kinetic energy, ensuring battery reserves remain high. This will come in handy during long road journeys.

Investing in an EV home charger can also add value to your property. A home equipped with an EV charger will almost always sell above the local average. In some cases, installing an EV home charger can yield a five-figure difference.  

3. It's Incredibly Convenient

Only a few years ago, it was difficult to find public charging stations. As of 2022, around 1,000 charging stations can be found within the Republic of Ireland. This makes all-electric vehicles a practical option for most drivers. However, public charging stations aren’t always a cost-effective option. As electricity costs soar, motorists are finding that energy premiums are being passed directly onto them.  

An EV home charger means you’ll only have to worry about covering the cost of your domestic energy use. Combined with domestic and commercial PV systems, home EV charger Ireland installation is a cost-effective choice.  

Electric car charging at home means you’ll never have to depend on the availability of public charging facilities again. Simply leave your vehicle plugged in overnight and you’re good to go in the morning.

4. Enjoy the Benefits of Fast EV Charging

Car Charging with an EV Home Charger

Although charging an electric vehicle is relatively straightforward, you don’t want to be caught short in the middle of a journey. Availability of public charging stations isn’t always guaranteed. Furthermore, you might find yourself dealing with charging technology that’s particularly well-suited to your vehicle and battery model.  

An EV home charger takes away any hassle associated with keeping your all-electric batteries fully replenished. When deciding on the best EV home charger Ireland installation, consider your vehicle and journey requirements. Do you typically only use your vehicle for commuting? Do you need more freedom to cover longer distances? It’s always a good idea to invest in an EV home charger with a larger capacity.  

Electric vehicles are equipped with charge regulators. As such, you’ll never encounter any issues when using a charger with a larger capacity. This also provides you with more choice when it comes to upgrading your all-electric vehicle in the future. The average electric vehicle can be charged in as little as eight hours with an EV home charger.  

5. Home Chargers Are Safer Than Public Charging Stations

Filling up a tank with petrol or diesel takes moments. However, topping up an EV battery at a public charging station can take upwards of 30 minutes. In most cases, using a public charge point is a safe option. However, some motorists are uncomfortable with leaving their vehicle unattended as it completes a charging cycle. If you’re not keeping an eye on things, your vehicle is left exposed to thieves and vandals. With a domestic EV charger, you never have to worry about the impracticality of using a public charging point again.

What Kind of EV Charger Should I Buy?

Ready to join the EV home charging revolution? Wizer Energy’s zappi Charger Ireland is the way to go. This innovative charging solution is compatible with solar PV systems, meaning you can make full use of renewable energy. Furthermore, zappi Chargers come with innovative smart timers as standard. These timers optimise the charging process, allowing you to take advantage of off-peak energy tariff savings. Additionally, zappi Chargers are one of the safest options around. Installation is quick and low impact, meaning you can start reaping the benefits immediately.  

If you’re thinking about investing in an EV charger for your property, choose Wizer Energy for peace of mind. Our expert team has more than six years of experience installing EV charging stations and solar PV systems. Whether you’re looking for EV charging installation for domestic or commercial properties in Ireland, we can help. What’s more, you can take advantage of SEAI Grants to make significant savings on the cost of installation.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Go All-Electric

zappi EV Home Charger

As prices at the pump continue to increase, now’s the ideal time to embrace all-electric vehicles. EV chargers are a must for anyone who’s invested in an all-electric vehicle. By using a domestic EV charger, you can bolster your green credentials by removing a reliance on fossil fuels. EV chargers are also cost-effective. Fully charging an electric vehicle is marginal compared to filling up a diesel or petrol tank.  

Tired of spending an age at public charging points? An EV charger at home makes life simple. There’s no waiting in line to access limited charging stations. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of a range of charging modes to suit your needs. Fast charging also comes as standard. Simply plug in your charger in the evening and you’ll have a full battery at your disposal the next day.

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