Are Solar Panels Worth It In Ireland?

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Ireland

Many people wonder whether solar panels are worth it in Ireland, a country where days can be grey and rainy. The short answer, however, is YES, they definitely are worth it. Although we are aware of the benefits that solar energy holds for the environment and our pockets, we are often left with questions regarding the technology and how exactly it works. For example, does solar energy work well in areas with fewer sunshine hours, or is it only suited to warmer and sunnier climates? 

The fact is, solar panels can work almost anywhere, even somewhere as rainy as Ireland. We have been installing Solar Panels in Ireland from Dublin to Cork and everywhere in between for the past 6 years. Our customers will attest to the suitability of our Irish climate. The reason for this is that most modern photovoltaic or PV solar panels do not use heat from the sun’s rays to produce energy, instead, they convert the invisible UV light into electricity. Of course, solar panels can be more effective in areas with longer solar days, however, they can be used to supplement a large portion of the electrical energy needs of most households and corporations, even ones based in Ireland. 

Installing Solar Panels is an Investment

The world is changing rapidly, and fossil fuels are quickly becoming an unsustainable fuel source. People are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious. Solar energy is one of the cleanest, most versatile, and renewable forms of energy there is, which makes it the responsible choice when it comes to powering your home. Solar technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years and the solar panels and inverters that are available today are extremely efficient, meaning that smaller solar systems can generate more power. 

PV Solar Systems Offer More Than Just Lower Energy Bills

Yes, the main advantage of installing a residential or commercial PV system is reducing your monthly utility bill. However, this is not the only advantage that having solar panels in Ireland offers. Installing a green energy system like PV solar panels increase the value of your property immediately and make it especially interesting to buyers who are looking to live a greener lifestyle. Of course, having a solar-powered home also drastically reduces your carbon footprint which is good for you and the earth.

Solar Panels Are Flexible

Solar technology has progressed to the stage where solar power can now be combined with grid power. These systems are referred to as hybrid systems and they give you the best of what both systems have to offer. In areas where solar systems are not able to generate enough energy, a hybrid system offers the option of replacing part of your energy consumption with renewable solar energy. Hybrid grid-tie inverters also ensure that you will always have enough electricity available, come rain or shine. Several more advanced systems even allow you to pump extra energy back into the electrical grid, which can further reduce your monthly utility bill.

The Right System For Every Application

When it comes to solar panels, there is no one size fits all solution. Every scenario is unique, and it is, therefore, important to make sure that you use expert solar installers to plan and execute your solar energy system. Installing solar energy can often come with a high initial cost, this is because the equipment that is required must be purchased and installed upfront before you can enjoy the savings that solar energy brings. Planning your system correctly and choosing the right equipment is essential because it avoids overspending or ending up with a system that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Solar Panels Can Integrate Smartly with Other Home Appliances

Solar panels offer a lot of flexibility and inverters are often equipped with specialised software that allows the system to automatically prioritise energy delivery during the day. For example, a typical solar system would use the energy it generates primarily to provide the electrical energy required throughout the day and then recharge storage batteries to provide electricity during the night. Once these goals have been met, excess energy can be used to power EV chargers or supplement home and/or water heating systems.

Combining Solar Power with a Domestic EV Charger

If you have already made the switch to environmentally friendly electric motoring, you can further reduce your carbon footprint by combining a solar power system with a domestic EV charger. When using energy harvested from the sun to charge your electric vehicle, you can drive around town for next to nothing and do as little harm as possible to the environment. The smart PV systems and domestic EV chargers from Wizer Energy are compatible with each other and can be paired easily.

The Cost Of Installing a Solar Power System

The perceived high initial cost of solar panel installations often scares potential users away from installing the technology. However, while the initial installation costs can be high, PV solar power systems have a long lifespan, and the cost of installation can be recouped easily. To illustrate this, the average household electricity usage in Cork is €1006 per annum, however with a 10 panel PV System this becomes €503 per annum, which is a whopping 50% in savings!

In addition to this, solar panel installation in Ireland is made more attractive by the SEAI Grant that the government offers for the installation of green heating and energy production systems. When it comes to the cost of solar panel systems, it is important to take the long view and realise that although you may not see immediate savings, you will in the long run be doing yourself a favour by installing solar energy.

So, Are Solar Panels Really Worth It in Ireland?

This brings us back to the original question. The answer is a resounding yes, solar panels are not just worth it in Ireland, they are the smart way to go when it comes to energy generation. Although it may seem like the Irish weather is not conducive to the use of solar panels, Ireland does have enough solar hours to justify the use of PV systems. In fact, it is possible to replace at least 70% of most household’s energy needs with clean solar energy. In the case of commercial solar power installations even higher percentages can be achieved.  

It is important to make sure that you use a reputable installer when installing your PV solar system because only in doing so can you be sure of an expert installation and maximum cost savings. Wizer Energy has several years of experience in planning and installing PV solar panels in Ireland of various sizes, and they can offer you the expert advice that you need. They also install the best equipment in a way that meets all the required safety regulations.


Solar energy is one of the best, if not the best sources of renewable energy and it is something that no Irish home should be without. By installing a solar power system you increase the value of your property and play your part in the reduction of greenhouse gas generation. Environmentally friendly energy sources are here to stay and investing in solar power is one of the biggest favours that you can do for yourself. 

Are you ready to explore your options when it comes to solar power in Ireland? Contact Wizer Energy today for an obligation-free consultation, the environment, and your wallet will thank you for it. 

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