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Martin Desmond

Martin is the Managing Director of Wizer Energy, with 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial electrical work. He has won awards in the commercial wiring arena and went on to study and train as an electrical engineer, preparing a PhD study in the area of Future Smart Microgrids. Since the late 1990s, Martin has had a keen interest in green and renewable energy, now utilised by working in the solar panel industry. After a life-changing injury from a fall at a height in 2007, Martin overcame it with a voltage generator embedded within his body. Being a qualified electrician since the 90’s, an electrical engineer since 2012, and utilising electricity generated within his own body, it’s hard to get more electrically qualified!

EirGrid help you sell electricity back to the grid

Can You Sell Electricity Back to the Grid in Ireland?

Over the past few years, the conversation around sustainable energy solutions has gained significant momentum, with an increasing number of countries pushing towards these green energy sources. Ireland is one of the notable countries that have propelled clean power to the limelight; according to research by Statista, the country is expecting an annual growth rate

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