How To Choose the Right Solar Panel Company for Your Home

Solar panels in Ireland are on the rise. As energy bills continue to soar, more people are looking to reap the benefits of renewable energy. According to the 2022 census published by the Central Statistics Office, more than 119,000 households in Ireland have solar panels. In line with green energy targets, the Irish Government has set out a goal of a further 250,000 installations by 2030.

With solar panel technology more affordable than ever, there’s never been a better time to invest in renewable energy solutions. However, choosing an installer isn’t always simple. Need some tips? Read on for everything you need to know.

Six Tips For Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

Choose a Local Installer

Are you thinking about getting solar panels in Cork? For peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to choose an installer that’s based nearby and locally owned. The more local a company is, the better they’ll be able to understand your requirements and provide you with a PV system that’s tailored to your requirements.

You can look forward to first-rate customer service, with any urgent maintenance or repairs carried out promptly. Wizer Energy is based out of Midleton in East Cork, providing solar panel and renewable energy installations throughout Munster, including solar panels in Limerick, Waterford, Clare, Kerry and Tipperary.

In-House Installers

If you’re interested in solar panels, you’ll need an installation company that works with an in-house team. Some companies choose to outsource or rely on subcontractors to cut costs. Sadly, this can lead to second-rate installations and performance problems down the line.

“Using a solar installation company that uses an experienced in-house crew means professional installation and superior customer service,” Slaven Litera, Wizer’s Director of Operations, said. “When you work with Wizer Energy, you can rest assured that you’re working with people with plenty of expertise.” With a team of over 20 people, Wizer Energy has vast experience when it comes to domestic and commercial PV installations.

Equipment Used

If you’re wondering how long solar panels last, the answer lies with the quality of the solar panel products themselves. A reputable installer will use only the best equipment, whether that be solar panels, battery storage, or inverters. It’s tempting to cut corners and go with cheaper products, but reliable performance and steady output are worth the investment.

Before agreeing to a quote with a company, make sure you’ve checked the specifics of any warranties. There’s no point making an initial saving on solar panels if you’re forced to replace your system within 10 years.

At Wizer Energy, we’re committed to providing our customers with renewable energy solutions they can count on. Let’s take a look at a recent domestic PV installation as an example. We installed a 10-panel PV system on the rooftop of a semi-detached home, generating 2,700 kWh of electricity per year. As well as yielding annual energy bill savings of €600, this system slashed the carbon emissions of this household by 940 kilograms. Furthermore, this installation will generate long-term savings. The panels themselves come with a 12-year warranty and an extended 25-year performance warranty.

Read Customer Reviews

Reading reviews is a good test to see if you’re dealing with a reputable solar panel company. The more established a company is, the more reviews and testimonials you’ll be able to find online. A quick Google search will give you instant insight into what customers have to say about a business.

While an average score or star rating is important, take the time to read the comments themselves. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for any telltale signs of fake reviews. If there are any neutral or negative reviews, check to see whether the company in question has taken the time to reply.

Wizer Energy has carried out thousands of solar installations since 2015. As such, you won’t struggle to find plenty of positive reviews about our service. Below is just a taster of what customers have been saying about Wizer Energy:

“The job was done quickly and without a hassle. Would recommend.”

“I’m so glad I chose Wizer to get my roof redone with solar panels.”

“Wizer fixed up my roof with a 3.3 kW system and now I’m enjoying free energy at home all year round.”


Are solar panels worth it in Ireland? With households feeling the pinch of rising bills, it’s easy to see why so many people go for the lowest quote. While choosing a low-cost installer might save you money in the short run, it’s not always a great idea to ignore more expensive options.

If a solar panel installation company gives you an unusually low quote, take this as a red flag. Chances are, they’re using subcontractors to perform installation projects. It also raises a question about the quality of the equipment that they’re using. If panels and warranties don’t come with an extended warranty, you might encounter performance issues sooner than you think.

High-quality solar panels and a team of experienced installers are well worth a small premium. Looking for a quote for solar panels in Dublin? At Wizer Energy, a 4 kWp domestic PV system costs in the region of €8,900. However, you can make a significant saving of €2,400 if you take advantage of an SEAI Grant.

Experience & Knowledge

Before you decide to pick an installer, make sure you’ve asked plenty of questions. Not only will it give you confidence that you’re dealing with an experienced company, but you’ll also be able to decide on a system that’s right for you.

“The placement of your solar panels will affect their efficiency,” Slaven Litera said. “A good installer will discuss panel orientation with you, and have advice on what size PV system will best suit your home.” With the introduction of new planning permissions, it’s now possible to install far larger domestic PV systems than ever before. 

Not every property is immediately suitable for solar installation. Confirm with your solar company whether you’ll need to make any changes to your roof before any work is carried out.

You might also want to ask more simple questions. How do solar panels work? Do solar panels work when it’s cloudy? Perhaps you’re wondering how to clean solar panels. None of these are silly things to ask, and a legitimate installer will take the time to answer all of them.

Make the Right Choice When Selecting a Solar Panel Company

If you’re ready to commit to solar power, always ensure you’re using a local installer. They’ll have extensive experience serving customers with similar needs. You have the added reassurance of knowing your original installer is nearby should you encounter any issues. It’s also a good idea to check whether a company works with an in-house team. An installer that uses subcontractors might be cheaper, but you won’t benefit from the same level of expertise. A lower quote could also be a sign that you’re dealing with a company that uses subpar equipment. Spending a small premium on high-quality PV technology with an extended performance warranty is the best choice.

You’ll also need to do your homework. Read online reviews and testimonials to see what other customers have to say. Once you have a short list of candidates, get ready to start asking questions. Whether it’s a simple ask about how to clean solar panels or something more technical, a reputable installer will be able to field any query you have.

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Tired of spending a fortune on energy bills? Now’s the time to invest in renewable energy. Since 2015, Wizer Energy has carried out more than 2,000 domestic solar panel installations. Ready to go all-electric? Why not speak to us about EV chargers and other renewable solutions? Call the team on 087 7530066 or get an online quote today.

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