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Businesses are increasingly discovering the benefits of solar PV technology, such as lowering energy expenses, improved corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and the ability to receive additional funding to help offset the initial cost. 

 Our team of solar energy experts have many years of experience serving commercial and domestic clients in Ireland and have completed more than 3,000 successful installations across all counties. Look no further than Wizer for all of your commercial PV system needs. We will work closely with your business all the way from the initial quote to the finished product. 

Benefits of Using
Solar Energy in your Business:

Reduced Operating Costs​

Solar energy can offset your business energy consumption and, in turn, your energy bills by up to 60 per cent, potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of euros each month. 

Superb Return-On-Investment​

Every business that carefully plans its finances must consider the internal rate of return of various projects. Solar PV systems can yield an investment rate of return in excess of 30 per cent.

More Affordable than Ever ​

The cost of solar PV technology has fallen dramatically in the past few decades, and by over 70 per cent in the past decade alone. What are you waiting for?

Green Business Credentials ​

Incorporate sustainable practices into the daily operation of your business with the generation of clean solar energy and work towards obtaining Green Credentials.

Improve Property Value ​

The installation of commercial PV systems can improve your Building Energy Rating and improve your building’s compliance with Irish Building Regulations Part L.

Improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)​

Put your corporate CSR policy into practice with practical, eco-friendly commercial PV systems that lessen the carbon footprint of your business and make it more sustainable.

Receive Additional Grant Funding ​

SEAI grant funding may be available for eligible business owners that wish to install commercial PV systems to help offset the up-front capital requirements. 

Commercial PV Systems Installation ​

commercial PV system

When it comes to commercial PV systems, there are many advantages for businesses worthy of consideration. In addition to the potential for massive savings on energy expenditures, a commercial PV system can also benefit the environment and subsequently work hand in hand with the goals and vision of your CSR policy. 

With the cost of fuel and electricity constantly rising and with businesses increasingly seeking cost-effective solutions in terms of energy consumption, solar PV systems are understandably becoming the ideal solution for many business owners in Ireland. 

According to Bord Gáis, Ireland is an ideal location for commercial PV systems since cloudy weather and overcast days are not a problem for energy generation, and our cooler climate may actually be more productive than dry, hot climates for solar energy production. 

The installation of a high-quality commercial PV system is an excellent investment for your business. Depending on the size and configuration of your solar PV system, you could see a complete return on investment anywhere from around 3-5 years, all while generating free energy from the power of the sun. 

There has never been a more attractive time than now to consider retrofitting your business with a commercial PV system and to start generating free, abundant solar energy for many years to come.  


Case Study

The team at Wizer Energy have completed a commercial PV system installation for NEMETON TV, a TV studio in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Our commercial installations are customised to suit each business. Below is an outline of how we worked with Nemeton TV:

CO2 Yearly Reduction
12 Tonne
Savings Per Month
Pay Back Period
10 yrs

Work carried out

  • Initial Site Visit: We met with the management team to discuss the energy needs of the business. We did a thorough investigation of the studio and offices to determine any opportunities or challenges present.

  • Design and Installation: We advised them to install 52kWp system. This system consists of 110 high-quality solar PV panels that generate a minimum of 49,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy annually.

  • Environmental Benefits: The business has reduced the carbon footprint of the company by at least 17.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. In doing so, they are contributing to Ireland’s Climate goals. Their PV system has increased the security of their supply, as well as enhancing their positive sustainability image.

  • Investment Potential: Despite the up-front initial installation cost for this large PV system, Nemeton TV is now generating free energy and is saving over €1300 per month on their energy expenditures. With the current government grant, the payback period is estimated to be 4 years.

Why Choose Wizer for your
Commercial PV Systems Installation?​

Wealth of Experience

With over six years of experience, the team at Wizer Energy have the technical proficiency and expertise to install large PV systems at your home or business without a hassle.

SEAI Certified

Wizer Energy is proud to be a registered installer of solar PV products and we are certified by SEAI. You can rely on Wizer for your commercial installation in Ireland.


High-Quality Panels

Our products are amongst the finest quality on the market. Over time we have built up solid relationships with our suppliers, allowing us access to the best Solar equipment avaible.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

All of our EV charging stations are covered by product warranties.

Nationwide Coverage

We are Ireland’s fastest growing Solar Panel company. Our crew of installers and roofers cover the entire Republic of Ireland. 

Superior Customer Service

From the initial quote to the installation of the system and initial setup, Wizer Energy is known to provide nothing short of the best customer service.

Price Examples

Typical Commercial PV Cost Analysis:

Solar panels being installed

The cost of installing a solar PV system is often one of the first questions we’re asked at Wizer Energy. Business owners may have doubts about the return on investment, how much they stand to gain financially from this free, abundant and renewable energy source, and more. Is it worth it? Consider the below example to gain a better idea: 

*Note that the estimates given are approximate and for illustration purposes only. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems work by converting natural sunlight into electrical current for your business. Specifically, photovoltaic cells are arranged into panels, and panels are arranged into rooftop systems that absorb sunlight. When light hits the cell, it generates a direct (DC) electrical current. This current is then channeled into a solar inverter, which converts the DC into alternating current (AC), which is compatible with your phone, kettle, television set, and so on.  

The cost of a commercial PV installation can vary significantly based on factors such as the size of the system, quality of panel and inverter products, and more. Generally, it’s best to think of the cost in terms of kWp. Business owners can expect to pay around €650 up to around €2,000 per kWp, plus 13.5% VAT. 

Commercial PV systems can benefit businesses in many ways, for example: greatly reducing energy expenses, generating a greener, more sustainable image by benefiting the environment, excellent investment potential, and the ability to receive funding via SEAI grants, to name a few. Contact Wizer Energy to learn more about the potential benefits for your business. 

Yes. Business owners in Ireland may be eligible for significant funding from various SEAI grants. Quite often, the eligibility criteria for these schemes may be selective, so it is a good idea to learn more about each scheme before applying. Consult us here at Wizer Energy and we can assist you with SEAI funding schemes. 

In Ireland, commercial solar PV systems are definitely ideal for businesses. Provided that your business has appropriate roof space at a good pitch to receive, preferably, sunlight predominantly via a south-facing or east-west facing configuration, solar PV systems are an excellent choice for business owners in Ireland. 

Only one commercial PV system is needed to power a building, but the real question is more about the system’s kWp capacity and energy consumption. A small shop, for example, may get by with a simple 10 kW system (about 20 panels). A light manufacturing shop or medium-sized business may need a 60 kW system (about 120 panels). Large operations such as 100 kW systems and solar farms require vast amounts of space. Contact Wizer to get a more accurate quote. 

The amount of power generated by a commercial PV system depends mostly on the system’s kWp and, of course, the amount of natural sunlight absorbed by the panels. To give an example, a small business system of 10 kW will likely generate around 9,200 kWh per year. A medium-sized 30 kW system will yield around 27,000 kWh per year. 

In Ireland, the cost of installing a commercial PV system ranges from around €650 up to around €2,000 per kWp, depending on the choice of installer, product quality, and labour required. Thus, a complete 10 kW system for a retail shop could cost around €14,000 before VAT and SEAI grants are applied. 

The size of each individual commercial PV panel is slightly larger than panels used in domestic PV systems. Given that the size of commercial PV systems varies quite a bit, the roof space needed also varies. For example, a large 100 kW system requires about 530 square metres of roof space. 

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