Eco-Friendly Business Practices – Expert Roundup

eco-friendly business practices

As energy costs soar globally, businesses are looking for ways to cut costs in a sustainable, energy-proof manner. Fortunately, there are a number of things we can do clash bills, especially in business and commercial premises. We reached out to business owners, managers, and CEOs worldwide and asked them for their best eco-friendly business practices and cost-cutting tips. 

Turn off the Lights!

Our first eco-friendly business practice? Keeping the lights off! It sounds simple and that’s because it is. Turn off your lights when you’re not using them, it is amazing how often this simple step gets overlooked. Have a look around your office or premises, how many lights are left on needlessly? Chances are, there’s quite a few. Whenever you leave a room make sure to turn off the light and only switch it back on again when you enter.  

“Installing occupancy sensor lighting in the workplace has been a splendid move in our workplace. We have incorporated motion or occupancy sensor lighting in conference rooms, bathrooms, warehouses, and other areas of the room to prevent unnecessary energy usage.” Christoper Sioco, COO, Parachor Consulting

“I have invested in CFL, LED light bulbs, and halogens for significant long-term energy savings. Instead of installing low-cost, energy-devouring bulbs, these energy-efficient bulbs use up to 75% less energy, which has led to reduced power consumption.” Kevin Mercier, Founder,

Embrace Natural Lighting

embrace natural lighting

If you’ve got a space that receives a lot of natural light, utilise it! You should always make the most out of the natural sources available to you. When the sun is shining through the windows you don’t need to have artificial light present in the room also. This will cut costs and helps when it comes to preventing things like eye strain and headaches.  

“Opt for energy-efficient light bulbs and natural lighting. Encourage everyone to reuse and recycle to spend less on energy” April Maccario, Founder, Ask April  

“Increasing the amount of natural light in your office is a smart approach to saving energy. Installing smart power strips and replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED replacements would also help.” Abe Breur, CEO, VIP To Go 

“We have reduced our electricity costs by simply making use of the natural light where possible by keeping the blinds and curtains of our offices open. We have installed light dimmers to compensate for the varying levels of natural light in the office.” Kevin Mercier, Founder, Travel Blog

Eco-Friendly Business Practices - Solar Panels

solar panels on a slanted roof

One of the best ways to implement eco-friendly business practices is to invest in solar energy. Regardless of whether or not you have significant roof space available, solar panels in Ireland or in most countries in the world present a fantastic opportunity to reduce costs and also invest in a cleaner form of energy. Did you know that more than 100 of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies are currently investing and utilizing solar power? Global juggernauts like Apple, Intel & IKEA are all reaping the rewards from some form of solar energy and although the initial investment may seem significant, you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time. On average, it takes most businesses around 5-10 years to totally pay off the cost of their panels, installation included. Which means that after his point you’re generating free, clean electricity.  

“My business has installed a solar panel at the workplace. It allowed us to reduce our operating expenses. For example, after the panels are fully paid, they positively impact our company’s balance sheet.  We were able to control our energy bills by installing solar panels. The once variable expense has now become a fixed cost, as we know what to expect each month. Our energy bills have seen a drastic downward trend, which has allowed our savings to increase exponentially.  

A solar system is installed in our office, depending on the company’s energy needs. We were able to save 60% of our monthly electricity bills. For example, if previously our electricity bill was $7000 now since the installation of a solar panel it has been reduced to $4200.” Alan Duncan, CEO, Solar Panels Network 

“Renewable energy also saves a lot of money on the long term. The prices for solar panels for example are 50% less than 10 years ago while their performance increased tremendously! Next to that, there are a lot of subsidies for investing in renewables.” Joyce De Semt, Co-CEO, Ecotel Consultancy 

“We’ve significantly reduced the cost of running some of our machinery in the warehouse by using solar power. One of the things about creating containers like ours is that there’s a lot of machinery involved in not only the creation of each container, but when it comes to moving containers, putting all the components in, etc. All of this can eat up electricity and end up costing a lot of money. In order to combat the impact that this has on the environment and reduce our electricity bill each month, we installed solar panels to help generate enough power to run some of the smaller machinery in the warehouse.  

Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds or the space at the moment to go fully solar, but even the solar panels that we have installed will help us cut back on our footprint. While solar panels are expensive when it comes to the initial costs, the main benefits come long-term. Eventually we’ll have saved enough electricity to cover the costs of the solar panels, and from then on it’ll be money that can go towards either improving our sustainability or improving other areas of our business.” Teri Shern, CoFounder, Conex Boxes 

“As solar systems transfer 22 percent of natural energy into electricity. We have a large setup of solar panels, which help us to minimize the use of electricity at its high rates. It works efficiently and requires a little maintenance. After using the above-mentioned tips and solar system, we make a big difference in overall cost.” Asaka Ito, Owner, Divine Lashes 

“In our office, we have installed solar power and onsite batteries. The solar power nor the batteries are large enough to cover all our consumption over a year but large enough to cover a significant portion of several days of reduced services.” Peter Obel, CTO, Zeal

Green Roofs & Windmills


Although some businesses have begun to use micro windmills to help power generation, they’re not the most practical use of roof/spare space. Green roofs however are another fantastic options for business owners. They’re aesthetically pleasing, great for the environment and they save you money – but how? It’s simple. Green roofs can actually remove heat from the air via the process of evapotranspiration. The mass of greenery also acts as an insulator for the building meaning a reduction in your energy costs, mainly through cooling and heating.  

“we have installed a green roof in our business space. The working of green roofs can be explained in one sentence: They are efficient and cost-effective. Firstly, these roofs remove heat from their air and reduce the temperature of the roof surface. Green roofs reduce energy use by 0.7 as compared to traditional roofs. This helps save around $0.23 per square foot of the roof’s surface.” Richard Zi, Founder, ZW Cable

Invest in Sustainability

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