EV Charger Installation ​

Domestic EV Charger Installation in Ireland ​

Wizer Energy provides comprehensive EV Charger Installation services across Ireland to keep your electric vehicle topped up and ready to go.


* Approx Cost €1585
1000 With Full SEAI Grant (€600)
  • 7KW or 22 KW
  • Zappi or ZJ Beny's
  • Trusted Installer

We supply and install reliable, easy-to-use fast-charging stations suitable for domestic use here in Ireland. 

 Our EV chargers are an excellent investment for homeowners. You’ve already said goodbye to petrol stations by choosing an electric vehicle; now save big money with your very own clean, renewable energy station installed in your home. 

We have over six years of experience installing solar PV systems and EV charging stations for domestic and commercial clients in Ireland. Choose Wizer Energy for affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions. 

Benefits of Domestic EV Chargers

Maximum Convenience

No more petrol stations, no more charge points away from home, and no more queueing. Simply charge your EV from home on your own time and wake up to a fully charged battery.

Big Cost Savings

According to the Electricity Supply Board, a home EV charging station will cost you only €22 a month for an average user driving around 20,800km.

Eco-Friendly Charging

Charging at a public station is far better for the environment than using fossil fuels, but it still leaves a carbon footprint. Charging from home is as eco-friendly as it gets.

Increase Property Value

As electric vehicles continue to be adopted at a rapid pace in Ireland, the demand for homes with domestic EV chargers will commensurately go up. A domestic EV charger can boost your home value well into the future.

PV Compatibility

Combine your domestic EV charger with a compatible solar PV system for completely free renewable energy that is clean, eco-friendly, and easy to use once installed at home.

Ready to Roll 24/7

No more worrying about running on empty or finding the nearest publicly available charging station; keep your EV fully charged overnight consistently topped up batteries in the morning.

Installing EV Chargers in Your Home

Installing EV Charger at Home

Just as electric vehicles become more ubiquitous in Ireland, the demand for charging stations has also grown. Domestic EV charger installations are becoming popular in Ireland for all of their myriad benefits, such as convenience, compatibility with solar PV systems, significant cost savings and more. 

Wizer Energy specialises in the supply and installation of reliable, high-quality zappi EV charging stations that are incredibly user-friendly. Our EV chargers come with a built-in LCD display, smartphone and remote operation, and ‘smart’ timers to optimise charging times during peak tariff hours. Moreover, our EV chargers are fully compatible with our domestic and commercial solar PV systems so that you can charge your EV with abundant, renewable energy from the sun. 

Our team of renewable energy installers in Ireland can install a brand new domestic EV charger in a matter of hours, after which you can reliably keep your electric vehicle topped up and ready to go at any time. 

Brands Overview

zappi charger

Ireland’s #1 EV charger zappi is an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses that need a reliable, convenient charging station that is suitable for daily use.

  • Ideal for homes or businesses with solar PV systems
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Firmware to accommodate all new EVs on the market
  • Secure via 5-digit pincode
  • 3-year product warranty
  • 3 charging phases: ECO, ECO+, Fast
  • Remote access via myenergi app
ZJBENY charger

For homeowners and businesses that need a quick and effective solution that is also secure, ZJBENY’s 7 kW EV charger is ideal.

  • Simple, easy-to-use plug and play system
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Firmware to accommodate all new EVs on the market
  • Secure via RFID card option
  • 5-year product warranty

Case Study

zappi wall Charger

Wizer Energy completed a successful domestic EV charger installation for our client Mr. Joe Murphy in Glanmire, County Cork. The Murphy Family currently drive a Renault Zoé electric vehicle. 


  • Installation of Zappi Domestic EV Charger
  • Set up of the myenergi mobile app

Work carried out

Initial Site Inspection 

We consulted with Mr. Bloggs at his residence and took measurements, inspected the fuse box location, identified the most suitable location for the charging station, then prepared an initial quote for the installation costs.


After selecting an appropriate time and date, we returned to Mr. Bloggs and installed his new zappi domestic EV charger in 2 hours.

Follow-Up Service

After installing the EV charger, we assisted Mr. Bloggs in setting up his myenergi app on his mobile phone and advised him on the correct usage of the charger. His vehicle, a Renault Zoé, can take advantage of the 3-phase charge setting for lightning fast charging.

Why Choose Wizer to Install
Your Domestic EV Charger?

Wealth of Experience

With over six years of experience, the team at Wizer Energy have the technical proficiency and expertise to install EV chargers at your home or business without a hassle.

SEAI Certified

Wizer Energy is proud to be a registered installer of solar PV products and we are certified by SEAI. You can rely on Wizer for your domestic EV charger installation in Ireland.


High-Quality EV Chargers

Our domestic EV charger products are amongst the finest quality chargers on the market today. We supply and install zappi and ZJBENY EV chargers.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

All of our EV charging stations are covered by product warranties. zappi chargers come with a 3-year product warranty and ZJBENY chargers come with a 5-year warranty.

Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant

If you are the proud owner of a new or second-hand electric vehicle in Ireland, you could be eligible for up to €600 in funding from the SEAI Grant for EVs.

Superior Customer Service

From the initial quote to the quick, straightforward installation of the EV charger and initial setup, Wizer Energy strives to provide nothing short of the best customer service.

Customer Testimonials

Price Examples

The total installation costs for a home EV charging station depend on the desired model, as well as labour such as connecting the charger to the electrical grid or to an existing solar PV system. VAT and additional funding from the SEAI may also significantly affect the total price.

Generally, the going rate for a complete installation is somewhere around €1,600 in Ireland. The SEAI grant for electric vehicle home chargers of €600 can therefore drop the total price down to an estimated €1000.



* Approx Cost
1000 With Full SEAI Grant
  • 7KW or 22 KW
  • Zappi or ZJ Beny's
  • Trusted Installer

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric vehicle (EV) charger is a device used to supply electric energy to compatible electric vehicles. This electricity can come from the electric grid or an alternative source, such as solar energy. In Ireland, there are over 1,100 public EV charging stations, of which 87 offer fast charging capability. Many homeowners are now purchasing domestic EV charging stations as well. 

An EV charger works by supplying electricity from either the electrical grid or an alternative source such as solar energy to the vehicle in order to charge the vehicle’s battery. Only electric vehicles can be charged in such a manner. Petrol-powered vehicles must still fill up with petrol. 

In Ireland, the cost of an EV charger installation is around €1,600 including the cost of the product and labour. For vehicle owners eligible to receive the SEAI grant for home electric vehicle chargers, an additional €600 can be subtracted, resulting in a total of around €1000. 

No. EV chargers differ from one another in many ways. Some domestic EV charging stations are compatible with solar PV systems, others must connect to the electrical grid. Security, interoperability with smart home systems, compatibility with new EVs, and warranty coverage can differ significantly from product to product. 

It depends on the vehicle and the EV charger. To give a simple example, Ireland’s most popular electric vehicle is the Nissan Leaf. The 62 kWh battery option can be charged from 0% to 80% in around 40 minutes using a 100 kW fast charger. A home EV charger normally cannot charge this quickly. Instead, a 7 kW home EV charger will take around eight hours to complete a charge from 0% to 80%. 

Generally, it is not possible to install an EV charger to a home with external insulation. Nevertheless, and in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the SEAI grant for electric vehicle home chargers, it is always a good idea to consult a qualified electrician to conduct an electrical survey of your home. Enquire with us at Wizer Energy if in doubt. 

In order to be considered eligible for the electric vehicle home charger grant from the SEAI, vehicle owners must meet various eligibility criteria such as ownership of the vehicle from 01/01/2018, off-street parking of the vehicle and connection of the charger to the home’s fuse box, and more.

It depends on your vehicle. Generally, older production EVs that used 3.6 kW onboard chargers required 16 amp cables. Most newer EVs come with 7 kW charge capability and require 32 amp cables. Public charging stations are most often universal and instead use a 7-pin connector. 

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