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Far Infrared space heaters are ideal for homes and businesses that want effective radiant heat without driving up the cost of energy bills. They use stored radiating energy which passes directly through the air and provides unparalleled warmth and comfort. 

Far Infrared heaters provide excellent value for homeowners and have been shown in studies to be safe, effective, and therapeutic. Moreover, far infrared heating ceramic panels can be combined with an existing solar PV system, thus creating essentially warming your home with free, abundant solar energy. 

Choose Wizer to install your Far-Infrared heating system today. Our skilled team of renewable energy experts are friendly and knowledgeable, so we’ll be happy to answer any enquiries you may have. 

Far-Infrared Heaters

How do Far Infrared Heaters Work?

Far-Infrared Heater

Far Infrared heaters work by transferring heat through Far-Infrared Radiation (FIR), which is an invisible transfer that works a little like sunlight (the sun uses short and medium wave infrared). In the case of sunlight, when short and medium wave infrared sunlight is absorbed by the Earth, a resultant far-infrared heat is radiated back outwards. Think of a hot bench on a summer’s day. 

Similarly, buildings can be efficiently heated with Far-Infrared heating panels installed in the floors, walls, and ceiling of the building (the “Thermal Mass”). In doing so, the building no longer ‘bleeds’ heat as quickly as with conventional heating methods such as convection, but instead, the building retains the heat very well whilst providing a cosy, warm environment for people inside. 

Radiant technology such as Far-Infrared is ideal for many applications such as far infrared sauna heaters, home, and business heating, and can be made even more eco-friendly by connecting the heating panels to solar PV systems. 


Sustainable & Smart Heating

Far-Infrared panels are extremely efficient in terms of warmth generated compared to energy consumption. There’s simply no comparison with wasteful convection heaters. Far-infrared is the ideal choice for top value and efficiency. 

Instant, Effective Heat

It only takes around three minutes for Far-Infrared radiant heating to be felt within a room. Rather than heating the air, far infrared panels radiate penetrating warmth nearly immediately. 

Cost-Efficient Heating

Depending on your heating needs as well as the configuration of your installation, Far-Infrared panels can reduce your household energy consumption by anywhere from 30-70%. Pair with solar PV systems to save even more. 


Unlike convection space heaters, Far-Infrared heating panels contain no moving mechanical parts. No need to fuss around with air filter replacements, boilers, or motors. 

Energy Efficient

A typical Far-Infrared heating system can warm up an entire room using around 800 watts of electricity, and in some cases, this can go as low as 300 watts. 

Therapeutic, Healthy Heat

Far-Infrared heaters are widely used in spas and wellness centres for their proven therapeutic benefits. Far-Infrared is a healthy heat that doesn’t dry up the room like with convection heaters. 


Wizer Energy is an accredited installer of Herschel Far-Infrared heating products. Herschel is the market leader in space heating solutions for homeowners and business owners across Ireland. Why do we choose to install Herschel products? Simply, they are unrivalled when it comes to quality, integrity, and excellent value for money. 

FAR Infra Red Heating

Herschel Far-Infrared heating products have the following benefits:

Types of Far Infrared Heaters at Home

Panel Heaters in living room

Panel Heaters

Far-Infrared panel heaters are ideal for heating rooms within a home. Typically made of ceramic materials, these panels have large surface areas which maintain around 95c temperatures. This temperature is ideally suited for outwards radiating heat within the room, whilst the rear of the panels (facing the building exterior) are well-insulated to prevent significant heat loss. 

Our panel heaters from Herschel output anywhere from around 200-1,200 watts per hour. The electricity consumption is typically around 1 kW per hour for a 1,000-watt (1 kW) system. In terms of efficiency, Far-Infrared heating panels provide excellent heating efficiency when compared to convection heating methods. 

Space Heaters in restaurant

Space Heaters

One of the greatest challenges in large spaces, such as offices, churches, and outdoor spaces, is providing effective heat within the desired space. Large spaces are almost impossible to effectively heat using convection heating since the heat dissipates so quickly and the entire space must be continuously heated, which is wasteful and costly. 

Far-Infrared space heating solutions solve this problem by providing efficient heating in desired zones. Typically made of ceramic materials, Far-Infrared space heaters often operate at 1,300-3,600 watts per hour. They tend to run at much higher temperatures (up to 350c) and radiate heat directionally. 

Installing Far Infrared Heaters at Home

There are many great reasons to have Far-Infrared heaters installed in your home, such as excellent cost-efficiency, natural, therapeutic, and near-instant heat. It’s the sensible heating solution for homeowners across Ireland, far better than traditional convection heating methods. 

What’s even better is that Far-Infrared heating panels from well-known manufacturers such as Herschel are quick and easy to install, especially when you choose a reputable and accredited Herschel installer such as Wizer Energy. 

If you only require a few panels within your home, plug-in infrared heaters are a convenient option that can be mounted easily. More complex installations should always be hardwired to not overload the ring main located on your property. 

Our team of skilled experts can install efficient, cosy Far-Infrared heating panels in your home quickly and without hassle. Get in touch with us to learn more about our installation services. 

Case Study

We installed our high-quality Herschel Far-Infrared heating panels in his 81m2 home.


Full Efficient Heating

Thermal Mass heating: Mr. Foleys’ home enjoys fully efficient heating thanks to our installation of Far-Infrared heating panels in the floors, walls, and ceilings throughout the home. This leads to 10-15% increased thermal efficiency.

Huge Savings Made on Heating

Daily heating costs: assuming 180 days of heating required, with an average consumption of around 5 hours per day, €0.23 per kWh in electricity costs, and a 3,800-watt system, Mr. Bloggs’ home consumes: €0.23 x 3.8 kW x 5 = €4.37 per day to heat the entire home. This works out to around €787 per year in heating for the entire home. 

dining room, table, chairs-2485946.jpg

Wizer Energy successfully completed a full installation of far infrared heaters for Mr. Denis Foley in Bantry, Co. Cork.

Why Choose Wizer to Install Your Far-Infrared Heaters?

Vast Experience

Our team has over six years of professional experience supplying and installing renewable energy products, including Far-Infrared heating systems for domestic and commercial clients across all of Ireland. 

SEAI Certified

We are certified by SEAI to install solar PV systems and are trusted, reliable installers of Far-Infrared heaters as well. We are also accredited installers of Herschel heating products. 

High-Quality Far Infrared Heating Products

Herschel is the market leader for high-quality, efficient Far-Infrared heating solutions. They are widely regarded as the superior choice for home heating panels. We are accredited installers of Herschel products. 

Comprehensive Product Guarantee

Our Herschel Far-Infrared heating panels are guaranteed for up to 10 years by the manufacturer. Rest assured that our team at Wizer Energy will install your heating panels professionally. 

Solar PV System Compatibility

Want truly free, abundant energy to power your home and your infrared heating panels? Our team can hardwire your Far-Infrared heating panels to your solar PV system. Homeowners in Ireland are eligible for SEAI grants for solar energy solutions. 

Top-Notch Customer Service

At Wizer Energy, we are committed to providing superior customer service. From the initial quotation to booking your appointment for installation, our team will endeavour to provide you with professional yet friendly service. 

Customer Testimonials

FAR - INFRARED Price Examples

Installing Far Infrared Heaters Price

The price one can expect to pay for Far-Infrared heating differs so much from client to client, simply because there are many variables involved. The heating requirements, configuration, age of the home and resultant insulation properties, and the number of panels required within the home or individual rooms all contribute to the total cost. 

To give a general example, a typical 3-bed semi-detached home in Ireland can be fully supplied and fitted for around €6,000. Although the initial capital investment may be steep for some, keep in mind that the running costs are economical and far more efficient when compared to convection heating, which can cost up to 70 percent more. Cumulative running costs, year by year, can quickly add up. Far-Infrared heaters are therefore a sensible long-term investment. 

Since each case is truly unique, we welcome you to contact us at Wizer for more information. We can provide you with a more accurate quote and provide installation designs that fit within your budget whilst meeting your heating needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of heating, infrared is the invisible transfer of radiant heat. There are many different wavelengths of infrared, such as short, medium, and long. Short and medium infrared waves are more intense. These are common from sunlight which emanates towards the Earth. Upon contact with the Earth, however, the surface absorbs the radiant infrared and becomes far-infrared (longwave), which is safe and natural. 

Far-infrared heaters work by radiating heat outwards within a room or in a specified zone, rather than heating the surrounding air as is typical of convection heating methods. The result is that our bodies feel the warmth and comfort of radiant heat within the room within a matter of minutes. 

The cost of installing far-infrared heaters in a typical Irish home depends largely on the heating requirements, the size and age of the home, and the configuration of the installation. A typical 3-bedroom semi-detached home normally costs around €6,000 to fit with far-infrared heating panels. 

There are many different manufacturers of far infrared heating products in Ireland, but at Wizer Energy we source our far-infrared heating panels from the well-established market-leading manufacturer Herschel. Their products include panel heaters (Select and Inspire), suitable for building interiors, as well as space heaters for large areas and outdoor heating. 

In terms of sustainability, far infrared heating systems are amongst the most energy-efficient and sustainable choices for homeowners in Ireland. Far-infrared heating panels emit reduced CO2 when compared to conventional heating methods such as convection heaters and boilers, which reduces carbon footprint. Moreover, the usable lifespan of around 100,000 hours renders the panels themselves into recyclable materials which thereby reduce impacts on landfills and raw material resource demands. 

Far-infrared heating panels operate most effectively at surface temperatures of anywhere from around 90-95˚C. Whilst hot if touched, brushing against the surface of the panel will not cause burns or injury. Heating panels installed inside of buildings should not exceed temperatures of 100˚C. Herschel panels tend to operate at around 95˚C. 

Although every configuration of far-infrared heaters will depend on the layout of your home, there are some general best practices for achieving maximum efficiency and warmth. Firstly, endeavour to place far-infrared heating panels on walls, preferably not directly across from windows. Floor and ceiling-mounted panels also provide excellent benefits. Avoid alcoves and opposite from windows. 

To achieve the best results from a far-infrared heating panel, avoid placing any objects such as furniture anywhere within 400mm in front of the panel and 200mm on the sides. Giving appropriate clearance will enable the infrared panels to radiate heat more efficiently within the room. 

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Infrared Heating Panels are amongst the most efficient and practical ways to generate thermal comfort and cosiness at your home or business in Ireland all year long. Infrared heating technology can be connected to an existing or planned solar PV system to convert the abundant energy of the sun into consistent warmth throughout the building.  Enquire with us to learn more about our Infrared Heating Technology services.

Solar Panel Maintenance​​

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