With over six years of operation and service, Wizer is your premium choice for solar panel installation in Wexford. By serving the areas in and around Wexford, our team of renewable energy experts helps equip your home in the sunny southeast with the perfect solar panel options for you. 

The rising costs of electricity can play havoc with the budgets of homeowners and businesses in Wexford. However, with solar panel installation, you can stand to reduce electricity costs – and even generate abundant electricity. However, before you get Solar PV Systems installed in your home, ensure that you choose a team of expert providers in Wexford. At Wizer, our company is listed as registered professional installers by SEAI. 

PROS of Using Solar Energy AT Home 

Genuinely Sustainable Energy

With Wizer, you can utilise clean, green, and sustainable energy in your home. Solar energy is truly a sustainable option in your Wexford home – and almost as wonderful as Wexford strawberries! 

Cut Down on Energy Costs

A home solar panel system could save you €1000 a year, and over30,000 over the course of your lifetime. As of May 2023, VAT on home installations have gone from 13.5% to 0%, cementing the government’s dedication to cleaner energy. 

Minimal Maintenance

Your solar PVs require minimal maintenance to operate at peak performance! In fact, just keep them clean to enjoy peak performance! 

Invest in Your Home

Investing in solar PV systems for homes can be a lucrative choice for Wexford homeowners. A solar panel system can deliver an ROI of more than 20% with a relatively short payback period of approximately 5 years. 

Profit from Surplus Energy

Residences with an accredited microgeneration system can now participate in the government’s Microgeneration Support Scheme. This enables homes to sell surplus electricity to Ireland’s power grid. 

Independence and Freedom

If you have ever wanted to live without a dependency on electrical corporations, then solar panels are the way to go! Our professional solar PV installation team can help you replace or supplement your electrical supply. 

Installing Solar Panels in WEXFORD

When customers in County Wexford ask us about solar panel installation in coastal areas – like Rosslare, New Ross, and Castlebridge – we want them to know that they have come to the right place. 

Coastal areas can sometimes wreak havoc on solar PV systems, especially if they have not been installed by solar panel experts. In this case, the environment can cause corrosion and acidification of your panels. 

However, at Wizer, our team of solar panel experts only use solar PV panels made by highly reputable producers. These solar panels are resistant to the corrosive agents in the air and will therefore serve your home for years! 

solar panel system on a roof in Waterford


Solar Panels Wexford

Our solar panel professionals at Wizer Energy have just finished an installation for Mary O’Connor of Gorey, a new and valued client. Her five-bedroom bungalow was fitted to the following standards: 


  • Solar PV system size: for Mary’s 5-bedroom house, Wizer installed a larger 7.7 kW system with 18 solar PV panels. These panels generate 6,600 kWh per year. 
  • Warranties: all solar PV panels are high-quality JINKO panels. They are perfect for coastal climates, with a 25-year product warranty, and a 30-year performance warranty. Plus, the solar inverter comes with a 5-year parts and performance warranty. 
  • Performance: Mary’s home solar PV system has helped cut costs! It now generates over half of all electricity consumed in the home. 
  • Investment: the payback period for Mary’s larger home-based panel installation is estimated at around 6-7 years. 
  • Energy savings: Mary could save about €2200 per year, assuming electricity prices of 35c per unit and accounting for reasonable inflation rates. 

Why Choose Wizer for Solar Panels in WEXFORD

Complete Installation Service

As an esteemed team of professionals, Wizer offers an end-to-end installation service. With no third parties involved, there are no wait times – just the job done from start to finish. 

SEAI Certified Installers

With eight years of industry knowledge under our belt, Wizer has installed solar panels in County Wexford and beyond. We are also SEAI-certified to install solar panels in Ireland. 

High-Quality Products

We use black-on-black monocrystalline Italian PV panels for every installation. These solar panels are engineered for enhanced performance, with increased absorption and efficiency. Each part of these panels also feature warranties.  

Complete Warranty Coverage

At Wizer, all our installed solar panels feature a complete 25-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty. When you install with our team of experts, you will have a solar panel system that lasts for decades! 

Get SEAI Funding

Houses in County Wexford and the surrounding areas can now avail of SEAI funding, when getting solar panels put in by a team of professional installers. This helps with the initial cost of solar PV installation – and you could save up to €2100! 

Unparalleled Service

At Wizer Energy, we offer amazing customer service! Pop us a message, and we will get back to you that same day. Plus, we can have your home equipped with solar panels in just a day! 

Customer Testimonials

Price Examples

Ever wondered how much solar panel installation costs in Wexford?  The answer really depends on multiple factors, like the size of your house and the system, the orientation of the panels, the current price of electricity, and how much electricity your household uses. 

Typically, a standard household utilizing a 4-kW solar PV system in Wexford, featuring south-facing panels, average energy consumption, and an electricity cost of 35.0c per unit, can anticipate the following cost… 

2 kW

System Size
  • 5 Panels

3.2 kW

System Size
  • 8 Panels

4 kW

System Size
  • 10 Panels

4.8 kW

System Size
  • 12 Panels

6 kW

System Size
  • 15 Panels

10.8 kW

System Size
  • 24 Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing solar panels in Enniscorthy, New Ross, or other parts of Wexford depends on specific factors. However, homeowners with 4-kW solar PV system can expect to pay around €8,600 or around €6,500 after the SEAI grant – if you’re approved for the full grant amount. 

At Wizer, we believe that solar panels are worth every cent – especially in County Wexford. This is, in part, due to its reputation as the sunny southeast! As a solar panel provider in New Ross and neighbouring areas, we understand how these panels can save you some money – up to 3000 per year, in fact! 

Whether you’re looking for Enniscorthy solar panel experts, or want an installation in your Wexford Town home, yes! Now, homeowners all across Ireland can avail of SEAI grants of up to €2100, which will help with the upfront installation cost. 

Solar panels perform extremely well in the sunny southeast! In fact, the Irish climate is great for generating solar energy. That isn’t all – recent research from America indicates that cooler climates could stand to benefit more from solar paneling than their warmer counterparts, making Ireland – and Wexford – a great place for solar PV panel installation. 

At Wizer, we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option – especially when it comes to how many solar panels you may need. In Wexford Town, a south-facing or east-west orientation is ideal for installation. Here, an average 4.3 kW solar PV system produces approximately 50% of the energy consumed by a typical Irish household. This consists of approximately 10 solar panels. 

As per SEAI, on a bright and sunny day, each square meter of solar panel generates approximately 150W of electricity. In a standard 4.3 kW residential system, covering about 20 square meters (about twice the area of an apartment bedroom) of roof space results in an annual generation of about 4,000 kW of electricity. 

This completely depends on the size of your solar PV system. However, here’s a clear example: a typical 4.3 kW residential solar PV system in Wexford requires 20 square meters of roof space. This also depends on the size of your system – the larger it is, the more space you’ll need. In Wexford Town, we recommend installing panels that are either south-facing or east-west-facing for the best possible outcome. 

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