Wizer Energy is the perfect choice as your domestic and commercial installation experts for solar PV in Clare. Our renewable energy specialists have been serving the people of County Clare for over 6 years. Wizer provides you with best in class Solar Installers who have a wealth of experience in designing, supplying, and installing solar PV systems. 

With rising energy prices and homeowners constantly searching for methods to save money on their energy bills, now is the time to switch to clean, green, renewable solar energy. When it comes to installing a suitable home solar system, it’s critical to work with reputable professionals, which is why Wizer Energy are proudly a certified solar PV installer with SEAI. 


Actual Renewable Energy

Solar energy, unlike fossil fuels, is abundant worldwide. Solar PV technology allows you to generate free energy from the sun all year, even on overcast days. 

Slash your Energy Bills

Clare based homeowners can save a significant amount of money on their energy bills by installing solar panels. Need an example of solar panel cost? Well, A typical household 4 kW system can save approximately €1,000 per year. 

Low Running & Upkeep Costs

Solar PV systems have low maintenance costs as they do not have any moving mechanical parts. The panels themselves need to be cleaned on a regular basis to operate at their best. 

An Investment for the Future

A home solar PV system’s total cost is well worth every cent. Depending on the configuration and size of the installation, the typical break-even point is between 4-7 years. 

Get Paid for What You Don’t Use

According to the European Union, households in Ireland will be able to receive payments through Feed-in Tariffs for surplus energy provided by renewable sources such as solar PV systems. This initiative began in mid 2021 


Since May 1st 2023, the Irish government has reduced the VAT rate on solar installations from 13.5% to 0%. This will save you hundreds of euros on solar panel installation costs. 


Contrary to popular opinion, current solar PV installations perform well on overcast days. Clare, and the West Coast in general, is ideally positioned to generate solar energy, particularly for south-facing or east-west orientations. Furthermore, research shows that solar panels perform better in more milder climates, which actually makes Ireland ideal for solar energy production. So, despite the fact that there may be some dull days out West, there’s plenty of sun to generate power in the Banner county! 

There’s never been a better moment to invest in high-quality solar panels in Clare. If you’re looking for a solar panel provider in Ennis or further afield on the Atlantic coastlines of Lahinch, the expert Wizer installers are working in your area every week. Looking for a solar panel quote? Get in touch with us today. 

solar panel system on a roof in Waterford


PV system on a countryside home in Waterford

Recently we completed a full solar PV installation for Mr. John McDonnell on a terraced property, located in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. During this project, we completed the following tasks –  

  • Installation of a 3 kWp solar PV system, complete with 10 Znshine 300-watt panels that generate 2,700 kWh annually. We used a 3 kW Trannergy inverter. 
  • Warranties:The solar panels carry a 12-year guarantee and a 25-year performance warranty. The inverter has a 5-year warranty, as do the additional inverter parts. 
  • Performance:John currently gets 49% of his household energy from solar on average every year.  
  • Environmental Plusses:This household currently saves 940 kg of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to 20 long-haul trips or 181 trees grown. 
  • The Savings:John is currently saving about €100 on his energy bill every two months and expects to save more than €30,000 in total during his lifetime. 


Full Installation Service

We do not use any middlemen or subcontractors. When you choose Wizer, we will collaborate closely with you from the initial quote to the design and final result. It’s the Wizer van that will arrive to your door wherever you are in County Clare. 

SEAI Certified Installers

In addition to our extensive experience and technical expertise, we are SEAI-certified to provide high-quality solar panel installations throughout the Banner County  

Durable & Built To Last

All of our solar panels, infrared heating panels, solar inverters, and charging solutions are designed to last for decades. We’d even back our panels to survive on the Cliffs of Moher! 

Full Warranty

If anything goes wrong with your solar energy installation, you can be confident that our warranty coverage will protect you from having to pay out of pocket. 

The SEAI Grant

All of our work is properly verified, so homeowners in Clare that need up-front capital can now take advantage of the SEAI Grant, possibly saving thousands of euros. 

Best in Class Service

We strive to provide each customer with a tailored service package, from idea design to final output. Please contact us to learn more about our services. 



The entire estimated cost of each solar panel installation really varies depending on a number of different factors, you’ve got to consider things like overall energy costs and the amount you use on a daily basis; However, it’s far easier to see it in writing – Here’s an example of a typical residential system in Co. Clare. 

Here’s a breakdown of a typical 4 kW solar PV system in Ennis that is south-facing, with someone always at home consuming a moderate amount of energy: 

2 kW

System Size
  • 5 Panels

3.2 kW

System Size
  • 8 Panels

4 kW

System Size
  • 10 Panels

4.8 kW

System Size
  • 12 Panels

6 kW

System Size
  • 15 Panels

10.8 kW

System Size
  • 24 Panels

FAQ - Solar PV Clare

Solar panels absorb sunlight along their surface. This produces an electrical flow known as direct current (DC). To be used in residential applications, solar panels must be converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is done using an inverter. 

It really depends on the configuration and energy use, but a typical Clare household with a south-facing solar PV installation would cost between €7,000 and €13,000. Other elements to consider include finance, such as the SEAI Grant, which will influence the overall cost. 

It depends on your home’s energy consumption, panel orientation, and solar exposure. In Waterford City, a south-facing or east-west orientation is ideal. A typical 4.3 kW solar PV system will generate roughly 50% of the average Irish household’s energy use, and it will require approximately 10 solar panels. 

According to SEAI, on a clear, sunny day, each square metre of solar panel generates around 150W of electricity. A typical 4.3 kW home system, which occupies roughly 20 square metres of roof area, generates approximately 4,000 kW of electricity per year. 

The amount of roof space necessary to install solar panels varies depending on your energy use and panel orientation. A typical 4.3 kW solar PV system in Clare requires approximately 20 square metres to install about ten solar panels. 

Yes, we are excited to announce our partnership with Finance Ireland, offering new solar panel financing options, including convenient solar panel loans for your home. For more details, visit our Solar Panel Finance page.

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Other Services Provided

Commercial Solar Panels

We also provide commercial PV system installation services across Ireland for businesses and large-scale projects such as solar farms. If your business is in need of cutting down on a major expenditure, electricity, solar may be one of the most attractive options to consider. Consult with us at Wizer Energy and we will help you design a commercial PV system sufficient for your energy needs.

Infra Red Heating Technology

Infrared heating panels are amongst the most efficient means of heating your home or business and can be used in conjunction with a solar PV system to keep your home warm and cosy all thanks to abundant solar energy. Wizer Energy can install bespoke infrared heating solutions in your home using a variety of materials, such as aluminium, underfloor heating, glass, mirrors, and ceramic panels.

EV Charger Installation​

Do you own an electric vehicle? Does your business operate a fleet of electric vehicles that need to be routinely charged? Wizer Energy supplies and installs domestic and commercial Zappi EV charging stations which come with three charge modes and smart charging in order to maximise energy savings during peak tariff periods.

Solar Panel Maintenance​​

Wizer Energy provides complete solar panel maintenance services including routine cleaning of your solar panels in Waterford to keep away dirt and debris, solar inverter maintenance and repairs, and performance testing to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels as they age. Enquire about our maintenance services to learn more.