Thinking of installing solar panels in Galway? Make Wizer your preferred choice. With over eight years of operation, and having installed over 5,000 solar panel installations in every Irish county, Wizer is a great choice for solar panel installation in Ireland. 

With solar panel installation, Irish homeowners can now generate their own, free electricity. This doesn’t just help with saving on electricity bills. Over time, homes with solar panel installation can also reduce costs by selling excess energy back to the grid. At Wizer, we’re proud to help with solar panel installation in your home. We’re also listed with the SEAI as registered solar panel installers in Galway. 


Harness Clean, Plentiful Solar Power

Embrace the clean, abundant, and eco-friendly benefits of solar energy. Experience year-round access to free solar power with top-tier solar PV solutions offered by Wizer Energy. 

Save on Energy Costs

Save on energy expenses by harnessing sustainable solar power. On average, a residential solar PV system in Galway can reduce annual bills by more than €1000 – €2000 if needed, and accrue savings of €25000 – €50000 within 25 years. 

Affordable Operation and Maintenance

Solar PV systems boast minimal upkeep expenses due to the absence of moving mechanical parts. Regular cleaning of the panels is necessary to ensure optimal performance and the great Irish rain does this. 

Investing in Tomorrow's Savings

The total cost of a residential solar PV system is a worthwhile investment. Depending on the setup and scale, homeowners in Galway typically recoup their investment on solar panel installation within 4 to 5 years. 

Extra Energy Can Work for You

As per the European Union regulations, households in Ireland can receive compensation via Feed-in Tariffs for surplus renewable energy generated by installations like solar PV systems. This program commenced in mid-2021. 

VAT Exemption

As of May 1st, 2023, the Irish government has eliminated the VAT rate on solar installations, reducing it from 13.5% to 0%. This translates to significant savings, potentially saving you hundreds of euros on the cost of solar panel installation. 


Despite common belief, modern solar panels installations can perform effectively – even on overcast days! Galway, along with the broader West Coast, is in an excellent position for solar energy generation. Studies also show that solar panels function best in temperate climates, making Ireland an ideal location for solar energy production. 

Therefore, despite cloudy weather in the Wild West, there remains an ample amount of sunlight to power the City of Tribes! It’s a great time invest in top-quality solar panels in Galway. Whether you live in Salthill or along the beautiful Atlantic coastlines of Barna, our skilled Wizer solar panel technicians can help. Interested in a solar panel quote? Contact us today. 

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Mr. Reed Solar Panel Installation – Oranmore, Co. Galway

At Wizer, we recently completed a full solar panel installation for Mr. Reed on an end-of-terrace house in Oranmore, Co. Galway. During this project, we completed the following tasks: 

  • Solar PV system size: Mr. Reed opted for a 6kWp system using 435watt JINKO Ntype panels which will generate 5,565 units per year of free electricity.  
  • Warranties: All JINKO solar PV panels used on this home come with a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. 
  • Performance: About three quarters of all Mr. Reed’s annual energy consumption is now supplied by the solar energy system backed up with 10kWh of battery storage. 
  • Investment: Mr. Reed’s investment is seeing returns of €1900 – €2200 per year and is expected to fully pay itself off after 6.5 years. 
  • Energy Savings: Assuming steady year-on-year inflation on electricity prices, starting at 20 per kWh, Mr. Reed stands to save over €2000 per year. 


Comprehensive Installation

At Wizer, we bypass middlemen and subcontractors. Working with us means direct collaboration from end to end – from your initial quote, to design, to the final outcome. Our Wizer team will personally arrive at your home, wherever you are in County Galway. 

SEAI Accredited Installation Experts

Alongside our wealth of experience and proficiency, we hold SEAI certification, ensuring top-notch solar panel installations across the Hooker County. 

Long-Lasting Construction

Our range of solar panels, infrared heating panels, solar inverters, and charging solutions are meticulously crafted for enduring performance over decades. We’re so confident in their durability, we’d trust them to withstand the rugged conditions of the Aran Islands! 

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Rest assured, if any issues arise with your solar energy installation, our warranty ensures you won’t bear any unexpected expenses. 

SEAI Grant Opportunity

We ensure thorough verification for all our work, enabling homeowners in Galway requiring upfront capital to seize the SEAI Grant opportunity. This potentially results in substantial savings of thousands of euros. 

Top-Notch Service

Our goal is to offer every customer a customised service experience, from initial concept design to the ultimate delivery. Contact Wizer today to discover more about our services. 



The total cost of a solar panel installation can vary based on different factors such as your overall energy usage and daily consumption patterns. However, having a clear breakdown can make it easier to understand. 

Here’s an example of what you might expect for a typical 4 kW solar PV system in Athenry, Co. Galway. This system is designed for a household with moderate energy needs and a south-facing orientation. 

2 kW

System Size
  • 5 Panels

3.2 kW

System Size
  • 8 Panels

4 kW

System Size
  • 10 Panels

4.8 kW

System Size
  • 12 Panels

6 kW

System Size
  • 15 Panels

10.8 kW

System Size
  • 24 Panels

FAQ - Solar PV Galway

The typical expense for installing a solar panel system in Galway falls within the range of €6,000 to €17,000. This figure represents an average cost across Ireland. However, it’s important to note that prices may differ based on the chosen installer and the specifics of the system you intend to install. Contact Wizer today for a quote on Galway solar panel installation. 

While the Windy West isn’t known for its sunshine, studies have shown that solar panels can perform better in more temperate climates. Therefore, if you’re looking to save on your electricity bills, then solar panels can certainly be an investment into this. 

The number of panels needed depends on your home’s size. Typically, an average three-bedroom family home may require 10 panels to fulfill their electricity requirements. With today’s average panel size of 435 watts per panel, this equates to a system size of 4.35kWp. It’s important to note that these are general guidelines – individual circumstances may vary.  

Solar panel installation does not require planning permission in Ireland. However, please consult your local authority for clarification on planning permission if your home falls under certain conditions, such as being a protected structure or situated in a protected area. 

Thanks to the Government Microgeneration Support Scheme, the answer is yes. Irish homes equipped with a registered microgeneration device can now sell surplus electricity back to Ireland’s electricity grid. This initiative aids in diminishing households’ carbon footprint while also helping with savings. 

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Other Services Provided

Commercial Solar Panels

At Wizer Energy, we offer installation services for commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems throughout Ireland, catering to businesses and large-scale endeavours like solar farms. If your company seeks significant cost reduction in electricity expenses, solar energy could be an effective solution. Contact us for consultation, and we'll assist you in designing a commercial PV system tailored to meet your energy requirements.

Infra Red Heating Technology

Infrared heating panels are some of the most efficient options for warming your residence or workplace. When paired with a solar PV system, you can harness ample solar energy for warmer homes and businesses. Wizer Energy specialises in installing custom infrared heating solutions for homes, with a range of materials including aluminium, underfloor heating systems, glass, mirrors, and ceramic panels.

EV Charger Installation​

Whether you have an electric vehicle, or run a business that requires charging for a fleet of electric vehicles, we can help. Wizer Energy supplies and installs domestic and commercial Zappi EV charging stations, featuring three charge modes and smart charging to maximise energy savings during peak tariff periods.

Solar Panel Maintenance​​

Wizer Energy offers comprehensive maintenance services for solar panels in Galway. Our services include regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, maintenance and repair of solar inverters, and performance testing to optimise the efficiency of aging solar panels. Contact us for further information about our maintenance offerings.