Power your home with solar PV panels from Wizer Energy, your reliable experts for renewable energy and solar panels in Limerick. Our friendly team of solar panel installers have a wealth of experience in residential and commercial solar PV system installations across Ireland.

There has never been a better time to invest in solar energy, but the first and most important step is to choose a reputable provider of solar panels in Limerick. Wizer Energy is an SEAI-registered solar PV installer with the expertise to ensure an efficient and profitable investment for many years to come. 

Advantages of Solar Energy in the Home

Abundant Renewable Energy

Solar PV panels absorb plentiful natural sunlight in County Limerick, even on overcast, cloudy days. Solar energy is clean, free, renewable, and abundant, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners. 

Lower Energy Bills 

A typical home solar PV installation of about 4 kW can reduce energy bills by over €900 per year, with lifetime savings well over €12,000. Your investment can pay off fully in about 5-6 years.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

When compared to traditional energy sources, solar panels require almost no maintenance other than occasional cleaning of the panels themselves. There are no moving mechanical parts to worry about.

Superb Investment

Homeowners in Limerick can expect to see a full return on investment for solar PV systems in around 5-7 years for a typical south-facing 3.3 kW solar PV system.

Earn Profit on Surplus Energy

The European Union will enact a Feed in Tariffs scheme for homeowners in mid-2021 which allows surplus energy generated from solar PV systems to be resold for a profit.

Freedom & Independence

For anyone looking to reduce dependence on energy companies and move towards a free, off-grid lifestyle, solar panels are a worthy investment. Generate your own free, abundant energy for years to come.

Installing Solar Panels in Limerick

Contrary to popular belief, modern solar PV installations work well during cloudy, overcast days. Limerick is well-situated within Ireland to generate solar energy, especially for south-facing or east-west orientations.

research indicates that solar panels tend to work better in cooler climates, which makes Ireland ideal for residential solar PV installations. The fact that Limerick is located in the sunnier south-east further helps to generate additional energy.

There has perhaps never been a better time to invest in high-quality solar panels in Limerick. Wizer Energy has a wide range of solutions for homeowners to start generating their own clean, renewable solar energy today

Solar Panels Limerick

Joe Bloggs Family Example in Limerick

Solar Panels Limerick Case Study

Wizer Energy successfully completed a solar PV installation here in Limerick for our client Mr. Joe Bloggs. His 4-bed detached home in Castletroy was retrofitted with a modern solar PV system featuring the following: 

  • Solar PV system size: Mr. Bloggs opted for a larger, 6 kW system using 19 solar PV panels generating a total of 9,600 kWh per year of free electricity.
  • Warranties: all JINKO solar PV panels used on Joe’s home come with a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty.
  • Performance: about half of all of Joe’s annual energy consumption is now being supplied by the solar energy system.
  • Investment: Joe’s investment is seeing returns of 14,29 per cent per year, and is expected to fully pay itself off after 10 years.
  • Energy savings: assuming a steady year-over-year inflation on electricity prices starting at 20 per kWh, Joe stands to save over €600 per year.

Why Choose Wizer for Solar Panels in Limerick

Complete Installation Package

No middlemen, no subcontractors, just personalised service from start to finished product. We endeavour to provide every customer with quality services and products. 

Certified Irish Solar Panel Installers

Wizer Energy is fully certified by SEAI to carry out solar panel installation projects in Ireland. Every project we carry out is performed according to all relevant standards. 

Durable, Quality Products

Solar panel technology has improved significantly in the past decade. We only use the highest-quality solar PV panels, infrared heating panels, charging products, and infrared heating panels. 

Excellent Warranty Coverage

Our solar panels come with a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. Our solar inverters also come with a 5-year product and parts warranty. 

Additional Funding via SEAI Grants

Obtain up to €1,800 in up-front funding from the SEAI Grant when you choose Wizer Energy for your professionally-accredited installation of solar panels in Limerick. 

Reliable, Friendly Renewable Energy Experts

Our team of solar energy experts have the experience and technical know-how to complete any project, no matter how big or how small. 

Customer Testimonials

Price Examples

The estimated costs for solar panels in Limerick depend on a wide variety of factors, such as energy costs, energy consumption, size of the installation, and direction of the solar PV panels. 

To give an example, for a typical 4 kWp solar PV system in Limerick that is south-facing, with energy costs currently at around 20.0c per unit: 

2 kW

System Size
  • 5 Panels

3.2 kW

System Size
  • 8 Panels

4 kW

System Size
  • 10 Panels

4.8 kW

System Size
  • 12 Panels

6 kW

System Size
  • 15 Panels

10.8 kW

System Size
  • 24 Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

An average 3.3 kW residential solar PV installation in Limerick will cost around €8,419 before any other funding is applied. After VAT has been applied and assuming the maximum funding from the SEAI grant of €2,400, the final cost of installation will be around €6,019. 

Absolutely. Solar panels are an excellent investment in Limerick City, perhaps more so than in many other counties in Ireland due to its south-eastern location which tends to be sunnier. Homeowners can expect to pay off the initial up-front cost of installation in around 5-10 years, depending on a range of factors. 

Yes! The SEAI provides funding for eligible homeowners to install solar PV systems on their roofs. The SEAI Grants can help offset the total cost of installing a typical domestic solar PV system by up to 28 per cent. There are some eligibility criteria, but a reliable installer of solar panels in Limerick can guide you through the process. Apply online here

For most homeowners in Limerick, solar panels are a suitable investment that can lower energy bills, benefit the environment, and lessen dependence on corporations for your energy needs. Solar panels work well even on cloudy days and research suggests they work better in cooler climates, so they’re perfectly suitable in Ireland. Get in touch with us and we can guide you through the entire process should you have any doubts. 

The amount of electricity generated by a solar energy system depends on the area covered, orientation, and the amount of absorbed sunlight. To give a simple example for a typical 3.3 kW residential system in Limerick, about 10 solar panels are required which take up around 20 square metres. Such a system would generate around 2,600 kW per year, or around 40 per cent of an average Irish home’s energy consumption. 

The total estimated cost of solar panels in Limerick will depend on many factors, such as size of the system, energy consumption, and orientation. Generally, a south-facing or east-west facing 3.3 kW domestic solar PV system will cost anywhere from around €4,000 to €6,000.

Rather than measuring by panels needed, it’s generally best to measure by system size, which considers energy consumption. Small 2 kW systems need about 6 solar panels, typical 3.3 kW systems require about 10 panels, and larger commercial 11 kW systems can take up 22 panels or more. To give an idea of space requirements, a 10-panel system occupies about 20 square metres of roof space. 

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FAR Infra Red Heating Technology

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Solar Panel Maintenance​​

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