Wizer Energy is a young, dynamic installer of domestic and commercial solar panels in Waterford. We have been operating for over eight years and have completed over 3,000 successful solar energy installations in every county in Ireland, including County Waterford.

Homeowners and business owners in Ireland are increasingly looking to reduce energy expenses and generate their own free, abundant electricity. One of the most important steps to ensuring a professional installation of solar PV systems is to choose a reliable, reputable team such as Wizer Energy. We are proud to be listed with the SEAI as registered solar PV installers in Waterford.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy in your Home 

Clean, Abundant Solar Energy

Solar energy is clean, abundant, and green. Take advantage of free solar energy all year round with quality solar PV solutions from Wizer Energy.

Reduce Energy Expenditures

Cut down on energy bills with free, renewable solar energy. A typical home solar PV system can save over €900 per year and over €12,000 in lifetime savings.


Solar energy systems are virtually maintenance-free. Only occasional cleaning of the panels themselves is necessary to keep them working at peak performance.

Excellent ROI

Domestic solar PV systems are an excellent investment option for homeowners, yielding over 14 percent ROI and a payback period of around 7 years in Waterford.

Profit from Surplus Energy

Homes with a certified microgeneration system can join the government’s Microgeneration Support Scheme, allowing them to sell any excess electricity back to Ireland’s power grid.

Independence and Freedom

Dreaming of living off-grid? Want to lessen your dependence on big energy corporations? Supplement or replace your home’s energy source with abundant solar energy.

Installing Solar Panels in Waterford 

Quite often, customers in County Waterford ask us about solar PV installations in coastal towns such as Ardmore, Dunmore East, and Tramore. Ocean acidification and corrosion from the salty air in these locations are not a threat to solar panels, provided that the panel components are laminated under a vacuum. Wizer Energy uses solar PV panels from well-known manufacturers that are resistant to such forces and thus will last for decades to come. 

Moreover, homeowners in coastal towns in County Waterford looking to protect the natural environment can improve conservation and promote clean air thanks to renewable and affordable solar PV technology. Wizer Energy is a young and dynamic company with a wealth of experience in solar PV solutions, so look no further for quality solar panels in Waterford.

solar panel system on a roof in Waterford

Joe Bloggs Family Example in Waterford

PV system on a countryside home in Waterford

Wizer Energy has completed a domestic solar PV installation for our valued client, Mr. Joe Bloggs, in Dungarvan, County Waterford. His 4-bed detached house was completed as follows:

  • Solar PV system size: for Joe’s 4-bed home, we installed a larger 6 kW system with 19 solar PV panels, which generate 9,600 kWh per year.
  • Warranties: all solar PV panels are high-quality JINKO panels suitable for coastal climates and come with a 25-year product warranty, and a 30-year performance warranty, and the solar inverter comes with a 5-year parts and performance warranty.
  • Performance: Joe’s home solar PV system is now generating over half of all electricity consumed in the home.
  • Investment: the payback period for Joe’s larger domestic PV installation is estimated to be around 11 years.
  • Energy savings: Joe stands to save about €788 per year, assuming electricity prices of 20.0c per unit and accounting for reasonable inflation rates.

Why Choose Wizer for Solar Panels in Waterford

Complete Installation Service

Just one company for all of your renewable energy needs. No subcontractors, no hassle. We get the job done from start to finish.

SEAI Certified Installers

Wizer Energy has successfully performed thousands of professional solar PV installations in Ireland. We are certified by SEAI as registered solar panel installers in Ireland.

Superior Products

Our solar panels are black-on-black monocrystalline Italian PV panels designed for superior performance and improved absorption and efficiency. All panels and inverters come with comprehensive warranties. 

Complete Warranty Coverage

All solar panels come with a comprehensive industry-leading 25-year product warranty and 30-year performance warranty. Rest assured that your solar PV system will last for years to come. 

SEAI Funding Available

Homeowners in Ireland can take advantage of the SEAI Grant to offset the initial up-front cost of solar PV installation. This attractive grant can save you up to €2,400

Top-Notch Service

Wizer Energy is committed to top-notch customer service. We can respond same-day to inquiries and complete a full domestic PV installation in as little as a day.

Customer Testimonials

Price Examples

How much will a solar PV installation cost in Waterford? It depends on factors such as the orientation of the panels, the size of the system, household energy consumption, and the current price of electricity. 

Generally, an average household using a 4 kW solar PV system in Waterford with south-facing panels, average household consumption, and a 20.0c per unit cost of electricity can expect to pay the following:

2 kW

System Size
  • 5 Panels

3.2 kW

System Size
  • 8 Panels

4 kW

System Size
  • 10 Panels

4.8 kW

System Size
  • 12 Panels

6 kW

System Size
  • 15 Panels

10.8 kW

System Size
  • 24 Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of installing solar panels in Waterford depends on a variety of factors, but generally, a homeowner with a typical 4 kW solar PV system can expect to pay around €8,600 or around €6,400 after the SEAI grant, assuming you get the full one.

Solar panels are certainly worth every euro spent in County Waterford due to both its sunny southern location in Ireland and its proximity to the ocean. Residents of Tramore, Dunmore East, and Ardmore with solar panel installations are improving the conservation of these coastal communities as well as saving plenty of money on energy bills. Plus, the payback period for homeowners in Waterford City is about 8 years. 

Yes, homeowners all across Ireland can now take advantage of significant funding for the up-front cost of retrofitting their roofs with solar PV panels in Waterford. The SEAI Grants available to you may vary depending on the size of the installation, and the eligibility criteria must be met. Apply online through the SEAI claims portal here

Solar panels work well in sunny weather, naturally, but they also work superbly in Ireland’s climate. Even during cloudy, overcast days, solar PV panels generate substantial free energy. Furthermore, research from the US has shown that cooler climates tend to benefit more than excessively hot climates in terms of solar energy generation. 

It depends on the energy consumption of your home, the orientation of the panels, and the amount of sunlight received. Generally, in Waterford City, a south-facing or east-west orientation is optimal. A typical 3.3 kW solar PV system will generate about 40% of the average Irish household energy consumption, and this system requires around 10 solar panels.

According to SEAI, for each square metre of solar panel used, around 150W of electricity is generated on a clear, sunny day. When looking at a typical 3.3 kW residential system, which occupies around 20 square metres of roof space, about 2,600 kW of electricity is generated every year. 

It depends on the size of your system, but to give a realistic example, a typical 3.3 kW residential solar PV system in Waterford will require about 20 square metres of roof space. The larger the system, the more roof space will be required. In Waterford City, panels should also be either south-facing or east-west-facing for maximum efficiency. 

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Other Services Provided

Commercial Solar Panels

We also provide commercial PV system installation services across Ireland for businesses and large-scale projects such as solar farms. If your business is in need of cutting down on a major expenditure, electricity, solar may be one of the most attractive options to consider. Consult with us at Wizer Energy and we will help you design a commercial PV system sufficient for your energy needs.

Infra Red Heating Technology

Infrared heating panels are amongst the most efficient means of heating your home or business and can be used in conjunction with a solar PV system to keep your home warm and cosy all thanks to abundant solar energy. Wizer Energy can install bespoke infrared heating solutions in your home using a variety of materials, such as aluminium, underfloor heating, glass, mirrors, and ceramic panels.

EV Charger Installation​

Do you own an electric vehicle? Does your business operate a fleet of electric vehicles that need to be routinely charged? Wizer Energy supplies and installs domestic and commercial Zappi EV charging stations which come with three charge modes and smart charging in order to maximise energy savings during peak tariff periods.

Solar Panel Maintenance​​

Wizer Energy provides complete solar panel maintenance services including routine cleaning of your solar panels in Waterford to keep away dirt and debris, solar inverter maintenance and repairs, and performance testing to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels as they age. Enquire about our maintenance services to learn more.