Top Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in 2022

Top Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in 2022

What are some top tips to save money on your electric bill in 2022? As electricity costs are increasing here in Ireland, it is becoming more and more expensive to power our homes. The rise in the cost of electricity combined with inflation and other general price increases means that we need to closely monitor our monthly expenses, including our electricity bill.  

Being more energy efficient nowadays is not only great for the environment but also great for our wallets. There are many easy ways in which we can reduce our monthly electricity spending. In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at some top tips to save money on your electric bill in 2022. 

What does the Average Irish Electric Bill Look Like?

Based on the standard charging rates from Electric Ireland, the average usage of 4200 kWh electricity a year results in an annual electricity bill of €1274. Electricity is measured and sold in kWh and one kWh in Ireland costs around 23.97c. This might not sound like much but when compounded over time, it is easy to see electricity is a big part of the monthly expenses of most Irish households.  

Fortunately, Cabinet has approved a scheme to credit all domestic electricity customers with €100 in 2022 to tackle rising energy costs. Alongside this scheme, there are other ways we can look at reducing our electricity bill in 2022 to ensure we are saving the maximum amount possible.  

Identify the Main Electricity Consumers in Your House

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The first step to reducing your electricity bill is to determine what appliances are using the most electricity. In most homes, heating and hot water systems are the main culprits when it comes to electricity consumption. Water heaters are responsible for most household energy bills, followed by heating systems and laundry appliances like tumble dryers. Smaller appliances, such as kettles, microwaves and televisions can also use a surprisingly large amount of power. Investing in an energy monitor can give you a quick and clear idea of exactly how much energy you are using.  

By identifying the main electricity consumers in your home and doing what you can to reduce the amount of energy, it will have a big impact on your bill. Little actions are likely to add up here, for example washing laundry at a lower temperature, drying clothes outside as much as possible, and making sure electric appliances are turned off when not in use.  

Plan Ahead and Maximise Savings

By making use of cheaper electricity to heat water or do laundry, you can reduce the amount of expensive energy that you use significantly. Economic rate electricity, which usually kicks in during the late evening and early morning, presents a good opportunity for savings. Devices such as water heaters can be switched on during this time, instead of during peak hours.  

To avoid the inconvenience of needing to get up in the middle of the night to switch your water heater on, consider investing in a timer that will automatically control when your water heater operates. If possible, try to do laundry at night when the electricity tariff is at its lowest. This trick can be especially useful for those of us that need to use tumble dryers to dry our laundry.  

Switch to Virtual Bills

There are a few things that you can do to save on your electricity bills without any effort at all. For example, switching to an online bill instead of receiving a printed paper bill is not only more convenient but can often cost you less. Most energy providers offer a small discount to customers who opt for digital bills. Going digital is as simple as visiting your utility provider’s website, entering your meter readings and paying the bill by card. You can opt to switch to direct debit to make sure you never miss a payment. Many utility providers are willing to give customers that pay via direct order a discount.  

Make Sure That Your Meter Readings are Accurate

Not all of us know that Irish electricity meters are not read monthly. Instead, the ESB reads energy meters once every four months. However, electricity is paid monthly and as a result, consumers are not always billed for their actual consumption. The energy utility uses the average value of the quarterly meter readings to bill customers. This can lead to overpaying since the average household’s energy needs vary from month to month. You can avoid this by providing the exact meter reading to your supplier so that they can bill you for your actual energy usage. Meter readings can be provided online, or you can opt to install a smart meter that will automatically send your meter reading to the utility provider.

Generate Your Own Electricity Instead of Buying Expensive Energy

Solar energy is not only better for the environment, but it offers huge savings on your energy bills. By installing a residential or commercial PV system, you can significantly reduce the amount of electricity that you have to purchase from the grid. The exact savings will vary from installation to installation, but the average household can easily replace up to 75% of their electrical energy needs with solar power. People often worry and ask “how much do solar panels cost?” when they consider investing. Although there are upfront costs,  the cost of installing a PV system is quickly recouped in savings, on average the investment can be fully repaid in up to 20 years.  

Solar panels are more affordable than ever before, and the Irish government is actively promoting the switch to renewable energy by offering grants through the SEAI program to households that want to install solar systems. Several categories are available, and consumers can save significant amounts on PV system installation costs with grants of up to €3000 still available.  

In addition to these savings, Wizer Energy offers promotions on solar panels and other PV system components to help make the switch to renewable energy as cost-effective as possible. Currently, customers can purchase a 10-panel system for the price of a 6-panel system, with 10 panels removing approximately 3000 units from your bill annually. Investing in solar energy allows you to lock in your own electricity prices for 25+ years, with savings of up to 50% on your annual electricity bills.  

The Versatility of Solar Power

There are many ways in which consumers can save on their energy bills with solar energy. Many of us think of PV systems as only being capable of generating electricity but that is not the case. Wizer also offers systems that can be used to heat your home and infrared heaters also offer a great solution to saving costs on heating during the colder months.  

Solar power is also much kinder to the environment and reduces pollution and the generation of carbon gasses significantly. Solar PV systems can be paired with EV chargers, such as Zappi EV Chargers, to charge electric vehicles without needing to use energy sourced from the grid. In this way, you can benefit from savings on solar energy and reduce the carbon footprint that your home or office energy needs have on the environment. 

Save Money on Your Electric Bill Today

As Ireland faces ever-increasing energy costs, it is now more important than ever to invest in products that reduce the costs of your monthly energy bills. Solar power offers the ideal solution and can even be seen as an investment since extra electricity can be sold to the grid for use elsewhere. The installation costs associated with solar arrays, infrared heaters and commercial PV systems has dropped drastically in recent times and now is as good a time as any to invest in solar power. 

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