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Think sustainably towards the future of green energy with Wizer Energy’s zappi Charger Ireland. Our team of renewable energy experts are proudly SEAI-registered installers of solar and domestic PV panels, infrared heating systems, and zappi EV Chargers.

According to the Irish government’s 2019 Climate Action Plan, nearly one million electric vehicles are expected to be on our roads by 2030. Whilst ambitious, the question remains of how and where infrastructure must be built. Fortunately, homeowners can now take advantage of affordable, convenient, and modern home chargers such as the first-ever solar-compatible zappi Charger Ireland.

Our zappi Chargers are an excellent investment for any homeowner with an electric vehicle or for those planning to purchase one. Not only are they considered to be Ireland’s number one revolutionary car charger, but we’re also exclusive suppliers and installers of zappi Chargers in Ireland with the expertise and technical know-how to ensure that your EV is always topped up and ready to go from the comfort of home.

zappi EV Charger

Features of a zappi EV Charger

Solar PV Compatible

Charge your vehicle with the free, abundant energy harnessed by natural daylight all year long by pairing your zappi Charger with a domestic or commercial solar PV system.

Smart Timers

Save even more by using the built-in ‘boost timer’ setting to optimise charging depending on fluctuations in energy tariffs and to automatically charge faster during off-peak hours when rates are lowest.

Safe and Easy to Install

Currently, the only charger in Ireland with no earth rods required. Built-in PEN fault technology makes zappi Chargers in Ireland safe and easy to install when compared to other brands.

Eligible for SEAI Grants

Save up to €600 upfront in total installation costs through SEAI Grants towards any new home charging unit by choosing Wizer to install your zappi Charger Ireland.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

zappi manufacturer myenergi offers all customers a comprehensive 3-year warranty. All you need to do is have the zappi Charger installed and register your product to take advantage of seamless charging.

zappi Charger Installation

What makes the zappi Charger in Ireland such a popular and attractive choice for homeowners is that it’s stood the test of time as being amongst the fastest and easiest home chargers to install.

We supply and install zappi Chargers in Ireland, and whilst it’s possible to DIY the installation, we recommend you let a professional perform this service to ensure the top-notch safety and efficacy of your new charger.

Whereas most home chargers require earth rods (which are time-consuming, costly, and possibly dangerous), zappi Chargers have a unique built-in PEN-fault technology that eliminates the need to drive in earth rods altogether.

When you choose Wizer Energy, your EV charger installation is made quick and easy whilst ensuring that your electric vehicle receives consistently fast charging. We are fully certified EV charger installers and can assist with the full installation of your zappi Charger in Ireland, as well as connecting your charger to an existing solar PV system if your home is equipped with solar panels.

zappi Charging Modes

EV Charger Installation2

1. Eco

Using a combination of both green energy and grid energy, Eco Mode seeks to reduce grid energy consumption in favour of green whenever possible, all the way up to 100% green energy usage. This mode constantly self-adjusts to respond to fluctuations in household energy consumption. Whenever surplus green energy generation drops to a 1.4kw threshold, Eco Mode draws upon grid energy.

2. Eco +

The Eco + Mode continuously self-adjusts energy consumption whilst charging in response to household energy generation, pausing whenever surplus green energy drops below a given threshold until enough green energy is available to resume charging.

3. Fast

The Fast Mode optimises charging speed and efficacy regardless of the energy source. This ensures lightning-fast charging drawn from any available green energy and/or grid energy. Homes without solar PV systems can use Fast Mode just like any other Mode 3 charging station.

Price Examples

Homeowners looking to install a zappi Charger in Ireland have several options to choose from at various price points, depending on the model. We encourage you to review our EV Chargers Case Study for a real-world example in Ireland.


Don’t forget to take advantage of instant savings via SEAI grants. The friendly team at Wizer Energy can assist you with everything from requesting grand funding to installing and servicing your zappi charger in Ireland. Get in touch with us today for a reliable quotation on our installation rates.

Zappi Chargers

* Approx Cost
From 600 With SEAI Grant
  • ZAPPI 7kW
  • ZAPPI 22kW
  • ZJBENY 7kW

Why Choose Wizer to Install your zappi Charger?

Experience & Expertise

With over 6 years of experience in the renewable energy industry and thousands of successful projects across Ireland, our team has the skills and experience needed to meet the needs of our valued clients.

SEAI Certified Installers

We are fully SEAI certified installers of domestic and commercial PV systems and zappi Chargers in Ireland. Rest assured that our team of experts consistently abides by industry best practices.

Quality Products

Everything from our high-quality photovoltaic solar panels to our inverters and our zappi Chargers in Ireland are manufactured to the highest standards and come from well-known, reputable brands.

Comprehensive Services

Our proudly Irish operation covers all of Ireland with renewable energy solutions. From the initial consultation to installation and servicing, we are a complete and comprehensive service provider.

Product Warranty Coverage

All our zappi Chargers in Ireland come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, myenergi. Customers only need to have the product installed and then register online.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Customers are at the forefront of all that we do, and we’re fortunate to have garnered an overwhelmingly positive reputation for delivering excellent customer service for many satisfied customers.

zappi Charger Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the EV charger used in your home. To give an approximate estimate, consider two zappi models, the 1ph (7kW) and the 3ph (22kW). Using a 1ph zappi charger, a Peugeot e-208 would take about 7 hours to fully charge, a Tesla Model 3 (Long Range) around 11h45, and a Renault Zoe ZE50 around 8h30. For the 3ph zappi charger, the Peugeot e-208 takes about 5 hours, the Tesla Model 3 about 7h45, and the Renault Zoe about 3h.

No, the zappi charger is designed to work as a standalone 7kWh charger, meaning it can draw a charge from grid energy alone. Having said that, the zappi charger comes with multiple modes that work superbly in conjunction with solar or wind renewable energy systems, so it is beneficial to have solar PV systems. Wizer Energy are fully equipped to install domestic and commercial PV systems that work in conjunction with zappi chargers in Ireland.

As per the manufacturer’s website, zappi chargers require the following to be installed: a circuit breaker or 30 mA Type A RCBO; and for the 1-ph/7kW version, a 40A 1-pole curve B; for the 3-ph/22kW version, a 40A 3-pole curve B.

zappi EV chargers can be purchased directly in Ireland through Wizer Energy. When purchasing from Wizer Energy, customers can choose to install the charger themselves or have the charger professionally installed with our comprehensive service. For safety, convenience, and to save time and get charging straight away, enquire with us about our installation services.

The price of a home electric vehicle (EV) charger depends on the product type and manufacturer. Wizer Energy carries high-quality, affordable products from zappi and ZJBENY priced as follows:

  • ZAPPI 7kW (Single phase) – 827€
  • ZAPPI 22kW (Three-phase) – 2427€
  • ZJBENY 7kW (Single phase) – 627€

zappi is widely recognised as Ireland’s #1 EV charger, and for very good reasons. Compared to competing brands, zappi consistently delivers superior results with features such as dynamic load balancing, the ability to accommodate all new EVs through firmware updates, secure 5-digit pin codes, a comprehensive 3-year product warranty, multiple charging modes (ECO, ECO+, Fast), and remote access through the myenergi app.

In brief, it works by charging your electric vehicle. But how? zappi uses unique, smart technology to draw upon connected renewable energy generation sources such as solar PV systems or wind generation and using any surpluses generated to charge your EV rather than directing the energy back to the grid.

zappi chargers are tethered stations that have permanently attached cables. The manufacturer provides chargers with 5m, 6.5m, and 8m cable lengths. For most homeowners, the 5m cable ought to suffice, but in some cases, longer cable lengths are required. Enquire with us at Wizer Energy and we will provide you with professional guidance on the installation of your zappi charger.

Yes. All zappi chargers in Ireland feature robust security through a 5-digit pin code. Each pin code is integrated into the charging point, and it prohibits unwanted access, such as others modifying your charge settings, using your EV charger without permission, or tampering with the charger’s functionality.

The first step is to download the myenergi app. Once in the app, tap the zappi icon and make sure it’s in Eco+ mode. Then, under ‘Boost Settings,’ tap ‘Scheduled’ then the ‘+’ icon. Enter the time and day(s) of the week during which you want your zappi to charge, and for how long. Tap on ‘OK’ and that’s it!

Other Services Provided

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Ireland’s efforts to go green and to transition towards electric vehicles means it’s time to consider investing in a reliable, convenient, and affordable EV Charger for your home. We supply and install home chargers designed to charge modern EVs quickly and efficiently from reputable brands such as ZJBENY and zappi.

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